Revision Resources

Revising for exams is a busy time for students, we have put together a list of resources below that will help aid your learning and support you with exam preparation.

Remember, preparation and planning will make the exam season much easier to deal with. For further support, please speak to your subject teachers.

KTC Revision Planner Template

General revision

BBC BiteSize - information, videos, infographics and quizzes for each exam board, subject and topic - revision resources for English, Maths, Physics and IT - free revision resources for your GCSE & A Level exams - revision resources, past papers and a revision planner - free revision resources e.g. flashcards, practice papers & audio to help you revise


Act-1-Prologue-Conflict Act-1-Scene-1-Conflict Act-1-Scene-1-Prince
Act-1-Scene-2-Capulet Act-1-Scene-3-Mothers Act-1-Scene-4-Attitudes-to-Love
Act-1-Scene-5-Romeo-&-Juliet-Relationship Act-2-Prologue-Outsiders-to-Society Act-2-Scene-1-Mercutio-and-Friendship
Act-2-Scene-2-Attitudes-to-Commitment Act-2-Scene-3-Friar-Laurence-advisor Act-2-Scene-4-Masculine-Attitudes-to-Love
Act-2-Scene-5-Nature-of-Motherhood Act-2-Scene-6-Marriage Act-3-Scene-1-Attitudes-to-Conflict
Act-3-Scene-1-Honour Act-3-Scene-1-Honour-and-Truth Act-3-Scene-1-Justice
Act-3-Scene-2-Love-and-Loyalty Act-3-Scene-3-Attitudes-to-Responsibility Act-3-Scene-4-Capulet's-Priorities
Act-3-Scene-5-R-J-attitude-to-fate Act-3-Scene-5-Role-of-Women Act-4-Scene-1-Juliet-controlling-fate
Act-4-Scene-2-Lord-Capulet's-attitude-to-Juliet Act-4-Scene-3-Juliet-rationale-character Act-4-Scene-5-Capulets-&-the-rights-to-grief
Act-5-Scene-1-Fate-and-treachery Act-5-Scene-2-Fate-controlling-characters Act-5-Scene-3-Attitudes-to-honour-&-justice
Act-5-Scene-3-Conflict-and-consequences Act-5-Scene-3-Juliet-as-decision-maker Act-5-Scene-3-Romeo-as-a-romantic
Christmas Carol Comprehension Questions Good Practice Paper English Language Paper 1 S's-attitude-exam-q
Exam-changed-attitudes Exam-Cratchit-family Exam-cruelty
Exam-ghosts Exam-good-people Exam-happiness-Scrooge
Exam-places Exam-shock-anger  


TKAT Y11 Knowledge Organisers


AQA GCSE Science Revision Pack


Command Words & Key Terms Video links Edexcel A GCSE KO Complete Topic 1 KO
Topic 2 KO Topic 3 KO Topic 4 KO
Topic 5 KO Topic 6 KO Topic 7a KO
Topic 7b KO Topic 8 KO Walking Talking Mock Videos 2022
Maths for Geographers Guide Geog Key Terms and Lang Student Guide Kemnal Keys Quizzes


Link to Overview of Topics Topic 1 Crime and Punishment
Topic 2 Anglo-Saxons Topic 3 Cold War
Topic 4 Nazi Germany  


French AQA Intervention Pack 
French Intervention Pack ANSWERS
A website used for HW/Revision: =  


BTEC Sports Revision Booklet

Year 11 Kemnal Keys for each subject can be found here.