Y8 Reading in the Community Update

11 March 2024

Y8 students have visited the residents of Baugh House Care Centre a couple more times, they had a fabulously fun time playing Bingo with the residents and won some lovely prizes - including Mrs Howard. Mrs Howard & Miss Carroll had a really wonderful time watching how well our students engaged and interacted with the older generation. There were lots of smiley/happy faces and laughter all around from both residents and students!

And another time they went to entertain them with performances crafted with the help of Ms Dyer. Our students were exceptional in their performances at Baugh House Care Home on Friday 9th March. Their dancing, singing and acting brought a huge amount of fun, laughter and happiness to the residents. After the students performed, we all had a lovely party atmosphere dancing around to a selection of ABBA songs - the residents who were able to get up and dance, joined in. Whilst the others sang along, clapped, smiled or just rocked from side to side on their chairs. Overall, everyone who was there had a truly wonderful time. Thanks again Ms Dyer for putting it together and Miss Carroll for always driving us there!

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