KTC Wellbeing

Picture10At Kemnal Technology College, we are passionate about the wellbeing and mental health of our school community.  Our fundamental priority is to establish communications with pupils and parents whilst pupils are working remotely from home.  Our pastoral team is committed to ensuring that all pupils are coping under the restrictions presented to them personally and academically.  We also work very closely with Bromley wellbeing who work with some of our pupils to help them with particular issues that they may be facing.  Our wrap-around care involves:

  • Weekly communication by the pastoral team
  • Communication and workshops delivered remotely via our inclusion manager
  • Workshops provide by Bromley wellbeing
  • Possible referrals to Bromley wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is facilitated through regular communications to outline guidance issued from the DfE. Having positive relationships and an open-door policy allows for discussions to take place to ensure our staff to feel confident and comfortable with new developments in teaching. Support for staff involves:

  • Weekly CPD sessions
  • Regular Line Management meetings
  • Workshops provided by Bromley Wellbeing

For further information on Bromley wellbeing please see their website: https://www.bromleywell.org.uk/our-services/mental-health-services/ 

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