Curriculum Map

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Topics that HAVE been covered since the start of the Academic Year:
Living in the Wider World
  1. How can we be aspirational students
  2. Being a resilient student
  3. How does self-esteem help us achieve
  4. What are wants and needs
  5. How can we budget our money
  6. Creating a personal budget
  7. What are different financial transactions
  8. What are different financial products
  9. Savings loans and interest rates
  10. How can we shop ethically
  11. Prejudice and racism
  12. Social media - safe and private
Not all of these topics have been covered in all classes however, most groups are up to Topic 6.
Topics that we are looking to cover in the remainder of the year:
Health and Wellbeing
  1. Consequences of not eating healthily
  2. Healthy living exercise
  3. How can I eat responsibly - labels and nutrition
  4. How can I keep healthy - food groups
  5. How can we manage our anger
  6. Mental health intro - depression
  7. Periods - what happens when and why
  8. Puberty - what happens when and why
  9. The dangers of smoking and second-hand smoking
  10. What are drugs class a b c
  11. What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle
  12. What is FGM and why is it dangerous
  13. What's the big deal about energy drinks

PSHE Learning Journey Year 7-11