Break & Lunch Times

Canteen v2

Break is 20min long and lunch is 45min.

You eat your lunch in the canteen. After you’ve eaten you may go to the other break areas available.


You can choose to buy food at break and lunchtime from our canteen. They have a wide range of lunches and snacks both hot and cold to choose from.

You can also decide to bring food and drinks with you. This is fine as long as no fizzy or high-energy drinks are brought into school. We want you to be healthy!

Some students even do a mix of the two. Perhaps bring a snack from home for break time and buy lunch in the canteen.


Kemnal has a new biometric system which means you pay for your lunch using your fingerprint! Your print is linked to a system called Parent Pay which is an online account accessed via an App that your parents can put money into to pay for your lunches.

We will provide you with the required information to access your account when you start.

If you are entitled to free school meals, your parents will apply for this via the Eligibility checker soon. Don’t worry—we will send them a letter all about it.

Break TimeOutdoor Gym

There is lots of outside space for break time! In good weather, you’ll have access to the football pitches, basketball courts and outside gym during your break time.

Outside Areas

The outside gym is located right outside the Year 7 Block so is a great place to have fun during break times without being too far from your next lesson.

You can see one of the football pitches just behind it here which you may play on. You are allowed to bring your own ball, as long as you are responsible for it, or ask the P.E. department to borrow one.

If the field is too wet, or you just prefer a different game, the basketball court is also just outside the Year 7 Block too!

Common RoomThe Common Room

This is a chill-out spot just for Year 7 pupils. In here, you can do homework, read a book from the book share shelf, access the computers for online work, play board games or just have a quiet chat with friends. This room is on the ground floor of the  Year 7 Block so it will be close to lots of your lessons too.

Who can help?

Don’t worry—wherever you choose to spend your free time, there are adults on duty at KTC just like at primary school. There will always be a staff member nearby during your break and lunchtime to ask if you need anything