#NeuroNinja Parent Partnership Programme Season 3 - May 2024

26 April 2024

This term's #NeuroNinja Parent Partnership Programme looks at how we can as parents help our children build a resilient brain and mind. They had over 5000 views of our webinar content on the #NeuroNinja Learning Hub in March.

This term's #NeuroNinja parent partnership programme webinars are all focused on Building a Resilient Child.  They will explore where resilience is built in the brain, and how helping our children learn to manage their minds supports powerful well-being.  They will also look at the impact of a phone-based childhood on children's and teenager's brains.


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Every Wednesday for 4 weeks, 8 pm on Zoom.  You can sign up here.  There is also a link in the poster here.

Here's a video from Andrew at AYP with an overview of what we will cover.

You can find lots of content on our YouTube, including the weekly well-being workouts.