Arbor - New MIS & Communications App

Arbor LogoThe Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) has recently appointed Arbor as its single trust-wide MIS provider. An MIS is a system that helps schools collect, store, manage and use all the information they need. Arbor is a simple, smart and cloud-based MIS, meaning the data isn’t physically stored in school, making Arbor super secure as computer theft or damage at the school would not lead to data loss or a data breach.

Kemnal Technology College will therefore be moving from SIMS & Classcharts to Arbor. Access will be via the free Arbor app from the App Store or Google Play Store (For Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and upwards). Payments will be unchanged and continue to be through ParentPay. 

Arbor App Poster

Arbor Information Poster

The Arbor App Usage Guide - For Parents/Guardians

Need Help Using Arbor?
Contact the school if you have any questions about Arbor, the Arbor App or Parent Portal. The school will be able to help answer your questions. If not, we will contact Arbor's Support Team for assistance. Let us know the type and model of your phone, e.g. an iPhone SE, and include screenshots or screen recordings of what you are experiencing.

  • Ensure your username is the email address you use for Arbor. Ask your school to check your email address linked to your account.
  • Reset your password from the login page, or ask your school to.
  • If the login email was sent to you more than 96 hours ago, the password link will have expired. Ask your school to send it again.
  • Ask the school’s administrative staff to check that your email address has not been used twice e.g. on another guardian or child’s profile.
  • Enter the birthday of one of your children to log in for the first time.
  • Only relatives who are Primary Guardians of a child can access the Arbor App. Ask your school to check if you can access Arbor.


Do I need to fill in all the student information again?

No, all data from SIMS will be migrated to Arbor by the school. Any new information that you wish to add or update you can do by contacting the school.

Do I still need the Classcharts app?

No, all behaviour-related incidents e.g. detentions or rewards, will be through Arbor from now on.

Can I make payments through Arbor?

No, payments remain unchanged and will continue to be via ParentPay.

Has the school received the message I sent to the school via MyED or SchoolComms?

No, all communications will need to be via the Arbor app or the school directly.

Can I have an account under the same email as their other parent?

No, both parents must have separate email addresses as this works as their account username.