Staff List

Kemnal Technology College Staff List 2023-24

Staff Structure

Executive Headteacher Mr S Smith  
Head Teachers’ PA Mrs M Sweeney  
Head of School Ms E Wride  
Deputy Headteacher Mr S Bennett
Deputy Headteacher Mr M Godden  
Deputy Headteacher Ms M Giannini  
SENDCO Ms K Brenson  
Executive Business Manager Ms N Booker  
Safeguarding Lead Miss B O'Shea  
Heads of Year    
Year 7
Miss B Herbert  
Year 8 Ms M Howard  
Year 9 Miss R Deramchi  
Year 10 Ms S O'Grady  
Year 11 Mrs L Cooper  
Pastoral Leads    
Year 7 & 8 Miss L Turner  
Year 9 Miss L Cappa  
Year 10 & 11 Mr M Heron  
Teaching Staff    
Design Technology    
Head of Technology Ms V Morris  
Technology Teacher Ms C Hastings  
English Department    
Head of English Mr J McCalla  
English Teacher Ms K Rayfield  
English Teacher Ms J Amuah  
English Teacher Ms C Benson  
English Teacher Ms E Edwards  
English Teacher Ms L Gayle-James  
English Teacher Ms E Wride   
Expressive Arts    
Head of Creative Arts Mrs J Dyer  
Media Teacher Mr C Metz  
Drama Teacher Miss L Barnes  
Humanities & MFL    
Director of Learning for Humanities Ms J Luff  
Head of History Ms C Ogbonna  
History Teacher Ms B Herbert  
History Teacher Ms H Whitehouse  
Head of MFL Ms N Alexiou  
MFL Teacher Ms M Toure  
Geography Teacher Miss R Deramchi  
Computer Science Teacher Mrs L Cooper  
Computer Science Teacher Mrs M Howard  
Computer Science Teacher Mr A Lewington  
Head of Maths Dr E Harris  
Maths Teacher Mr S Bennett  
Maths Teacher/KS3 Lead Mr J Ungerer  
Maths Teacher Mr B Porte  
Head of PE Mr J Lonergan  
PE Teacher Mr M Godden  
PE Teacher Ms M Carroll  
PE Teacher Mr T Andrews  
Head of Science Ms E Cimen  
Science Teacher Mrs S Maddison  
Science Teacher Ms F Fleming  
Science Teacher Mr T Andrews  
Science Teacher Ms C Jack  
Science Teacher Mr C Valentine   
Support Staff    
Administration / Finance Team
Finance and Office Manager Mrs A Joyce  
Reception Ms S Lucas  
Administration Officer & Finance Mrs S Mantell  
Exams Officer Mrs T Wales  
Office Staff Mrs V Meehan  
Attendance Officer Ms S Shepherd  
Market, Media & Key Stage Manager Miss A Davies  
Literacy Champion Mrs C Owen  
ACE Mentor Ms T Morley  
Behaviour & Inclusion    
Director of Aspire Mr C Penfold  
Internal Exclusions Officer Ms J Love  
Cover Manager/Supervisor Ms D Forrester  
Premises Team    
Site Manager Mr B Ditchburn  
Assistant Caretaker Mr B Bignall  
Assistant Caretaker Mr S Cooper  
Learning Support    
Learning Support PA Mrs N Baylis  
Specialist Teacher Ms T Simmons  
Intervention Assistant Miss S Townsend  
Intervention Assistant Ms J McCarron  
Intervention Assistant Ms S Mee  
Intervention Assistant Mrs L Forrester  
Learning Support Co-Ordinator Ms C Wright  
Numeracy Tutor Ms M Haynes  
ESOL Provision    
Early Careers Induction Tutor/PCM Mrs S Maddison  
Technician Services    
DT Technician Mr D Harrington  
Senior Science Technician Mrs L Iveson  
Science Technician Ms L Kemp  
Science Technician Mr L Mee  
ICT Team    
Network Manager Mr R Connor  
ICT Technician Mr R Dempsey  
Housekeeping Department
Mrs T Askew Site Supervisor  
Mrs T Fishlock Site Supervisor  
Ms S Bishop    
Ms L Brake    
Ms S Day    
Ms B Gurung    
Ms H Maya Gurung    
Ms M Hayes    
Ms A Kinnear    
Ms J Mahoney    
Mr G Manwaring    
Ms E Omogbehin    
Ms D Ryan    
Ms P Stroud