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Action Your Potential

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Programme: Challenge #NeuroNinja: Choose Growth! Get Ready for the Future a Programme to Inspire and Prepare Year 6s & Get Them Ready for the Challenges of Year 7 

It’s been a tough year for all of us.  For children in Year 6, it has been particularly tough with transition coming at the end of a year punctuated with lockdowns and missed schooling. 

Throughout this term and into August, AYP is offering Year 6 students the chance to prepare for the transition to Year 7 by developing the daily behaviours that improve well-being, motivation, mood and learning progress.  This is a unique opportunity to develop the daily behaviours that will not only help them transition well to secondary school but also set them up for understanding how to get the most of their amazing brain!

Interested? To find out more about how the programme works, join us online on Wednesday 16 June by signing up here.

AYP Videos: Check back here for the weekly videos!

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Unique Bespoke Support Throughout June and July

To support this process of behaviour change throughout June and July, Andrew will be available between 3:30 and 5pm every Thursday to offer 1:1 support for parents and students via Zoom. To book a meeting just click on the link and put in the details of when you would like the meeting and Andrew will send you a Zoom link.