FAQ Students - What if?

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we get:

1. What happens on the first day? How will I know where to go?

Your very first day will be a transition day. Our friendly staff will meet you on the field outside the school’s main reception. You will be introduced to your form tutor and they will take you and your class to your new form room. You will get to try out some lessons, interact with your new classmates and look around the school. You will be guided by an adult all day who will be there to answer your questions and help you settle in.

2. I’m worried I won’t make friends. Who could help me with this?

It’s perfectly natural to feel this way and we know everyone will be worried about this. There will be lots of activities designed to help build new friendships when you start. Talk to your parents and friends about how you’re feeling and check out this website for more helpful advice:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/znhf7nb

If you’re still worried a couple of days in, our friendly staff will be there to help you.

3. What happens if I get lost?

We know this is a worry in a large new school! Don't panic, teachers will help you get to your lessons until you are used to the site and your whole class will be going to the same places so it’s unlikely that you’ll get lost. If you do, don’t worry. Everyone at KTC is helpful. Just ask someone to show you where to go. Our staff are used to helping year 7s find their way!

4. What happens if I forget something?

We want you to be ready to learn so be prepared and pack your bag the night before, being sure to look at your timetable to see if you need a P.E. kit. If you do forget something, your form tutor will help you to be ready to learn and give you advice on how to avoid begin unprepared in future. Only students who don’t try to be organised and forget their equipment repeatedly will be given sanctions.

5. What happens if I’m late?

If you have organised your belongings the night before, go to bed at a sensible time and set an alarm, this shouldn't be a problem.  We do however understand that sometimes things happen that are out of your control but this will not be a regular occurrence. If you are late to school, this will be marked in the register and recorded by your form tutor. More than 1 late mark will mean your parents will be contacted.  You should never be late to lessons because you will be taken to them until you know your way around. This means that anyone late to a lesson will need to make up the time in detention.

6. Can I be put in a class with my friend from primary school?

Your form will be carefully chosen for you based on all the information your parents and teachers have given us. This means you may not be with children from your primary school.  Please don’t worry though. You will have before school, break, lunch and time after school together plus the opportunity to spark new friendships!

7. What happens if I can’t do my work – at school or at home?

Always ask for help! The teachers are here to support you and want nothing more than for you to do well. If you need help in the classroom, just put your hand up and wait for the teacher. If it’s homework that is the problem, speak to your form tutor about joining our homework club.

8. Where do I go if I don’t feel well?

If you feel unwell, tell the adult in the room. This could be the person who is teaching the lesson or someone on duty. They will check you over to decide if you need to be sent to the office for a first aider.

9. What clubs can I join?

We have many clubs including football, farm club, science club and much more. Your form tutors will tell you about them when you start!

10. What happens if the bus stop is really busy and I can’t get on a bus?

Don’t panic. There will always be another bus. The most important thing to do is let your parents know if you’re going to be late home so they don’t worry. If you need to contact them and don’t have a phone, come back into the school reception and the admin team will help.