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At the heart of everything we do are our students. Our curriculum is student-centred and we aim for their education to be inspiring, stimulating and challenging.

Our staff are appointed for their passion, their enthusiasm and their imagination in communicating with children to ensure that eve...

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  • 11.12.19 On Monday of this week our Y7 students competed in a Singing Competition........... Really hard decision but 7AL claimed the victory.............. Read more 05:40 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 Mrs Morris' is in the festive season as she has just announced KTC's CHRISTMAS BAKE OFF.....Tuesday 17 December from 2.30pm to 4.30pm....... Read more 05:34 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 More on the Bletchley Park trip... our students were able to encrypt and decrypt codes, used a genuine Enigma machine and thoroughly enjoyed understanding the history of code breaking in WW2. Read more 05:24 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 Y9 Trip to Bletchley Park Museum. Miss Howard commended students on their behaviour and said they were amazing ambassadors for the College. They experienced an exciting, inspiring and educational trip to the site of the world's first modern computer Read more 05:18 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 - Behind the scenes the prep has begun.... a sneek preview of KTC's Christmas Concert....ssssshhhhh don't tell anyone we've posted this.... Read more 05:12 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 More Christmas Festivities....Y7 are holding their Christmas Bazaar on Friday 13 December when Y8 and Y9 students will be invited to attend to buy Christmassy gifts, play and purchase some Christmas refreshment - Donations (cakes, prizes) would be gratefully received. 05:03 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 11.12.19 You're invited to KTC's Christmas Concert on Wednesday 18 December 2019............ Read more 05:01 PM - 11th December, 2019
  • 10.12.19 At 12.08pm yesterday our bells rang once, the classroom doors opened, students stood and fell silent........ then the College erupted with a mighty applause which echoed from corridor to corridor. RIP Harley Watson Read more 10:08 AM - 10th December, 2019
  • 09.12.19 Standing together with Debden Park School today. In memory of Harley Watson, we will also hold a minute's applause at 12.08pm (12 because of his age and 8 because of his year group) Read more 10:14 AM - 9th December, 2019
  • 05.12.19 Good luck to our Y9 Rugby team playing at Bishop Justus this afternoon 02:05 PM - 5th December, 2019
  • 05.12.19 Congratulations to the Y7 Rugby Team who undefeated in their first tournament last week participated in another Rugby Festival last night and came second. Mr Lonergan said how proud he was of his team and they worked hard but it wasn't to be. 's Read more 02:02 PM - 5th December, 2019