How We Are COVID Safe

How We Are COVID Safe

COVID19 Risk Assessment November 2021

We have separated the school into 5 Zones, one for each Year Group. 

 IMG 8467  IMG 8486  Yr 9 Zone  Yr 10 Zone  IMG 8484

Each of these zones has its own entrance for each year.

 IMG 8472  IMG 8474 v3  IMG 8479  IMG 8489 v2  IMG 8476

Each Year Group now has staggered start & end times to avoid too many students coming in at once & keeping them separate from the other years.


We have staggered their lunchtimes as well so the Years have it at different times & have also made a second location available for them that acts as a 2nd canteen for the foreseeable future.

We have troughs for extra handwashing facilities, hand sanitiser available outside the classrooms & stickers on the floor to remind them to keep 2m distance apart.

 Troughs  IMG 8490 v3  IMG 8487

There are also posters all around the school to remind them to follow the rules, wash their hands, keep 2m apart etc.

 IMG 8468


Hands Face Space

 IMG 8469