Year 11 - Summer 2023 Exam & Revision Timetable

10 May 2023

Please find below the Yr11 Exam and Revision Timetable. It may change i.e. if there are issues with any revision sessions etc.
Year 11 Exams 1
Year 11 Exams 2
The Red Areas are Formal Exams. The White Areas are lessons as per the normal timetable.
The Green areas are additional revision sessions that students will be directed to attend. These may take place during normal lesson time but may also be in addition to. Please note the information at the bottom of each page in blue which the students MUST abide by.
Please also note the Orange section at the bottom of the second page which clearly states the final date that students MUST be available to sit exams on, and therefore are not allowed to book any holidays etc until after this date. This is a Contingency Date.