Year 11 Exam Results

24 August 2023

Our students have once again shown their courage, resilience and ability to rise to a challenge through their fantastic results. We are extremely proud of them and these results, it will set them on exciting paths for their future.

We are also delighted to share the personal successes of the following students:

Ben Collins: 9s in Physics and Maths; 8s in Biology, Chemistry, English, French and Geography

Tam Cho Wing: 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics; 8s in Computer Science, English, French, Geography

Ewan Turner: 8s in Physics and Biology; 7s in Chemistry and Maths

Samuel Akinnukawe: 8s in Chemistry and Maths; 7 in Biology

Our students are now ready to start in sixth forms and colleges while some students are starting apprenticeships with local and national companies. We wish all of our students the best in their future endeavours and know they will continue to be successful in whatever they choose to do next.

Emma Wride and Stuart Smith
Head of School and Executive Headteacher

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