Work for Thursday 2nd March

1 March 2023

Work for Thursday 2nd March can be found on the student's Google Classroom below:

Year 7 Google Classroom Link

Year 8 Google Classroom Link

Year 9 Google Classroom Link

Year 10 Google Classroom Link

Year 11 Google Classroom Link

The work has also been added to this page below if you have any issues accessing Google Classroom:

Year 7 - 9 Work




Free Audiobooks to choose from -

British Science Week Poster Competition

The theme this year is ‘Connections’! How about exploring how our body parts are all connected and work together, the connection between our actions and the impact on our environment, or even how internet connection has changed the world?
Submission info
The closing date for entries is at 6 pm on Friday 31 March 2023.

Year 10 - 11

Tasks have been assigned on Seneca for them to complete. Links can be found via the Google Classroom links above or by logging on via the SENECA website.