Physics Week 2023

22 May 2023

Physics Week 1

For the first day of Physics Week, we had Battleships where students needed to craft lightweight boats that could float on the water and then see how many small coins they could hold before sinking! 

Physics Week 2



For Wednesday's Physics Week activity, students tried to power small LED lights with only potatoes which actually worked if only a little light!


'The Great Plane Race' was Thursday's Physics Week activity where students made their own paper planes and then headed outside to race them. There were three winners - one for the furthest flown, one for the highest and one that looked the coolest!

Physics Week 3

The last activity of the week was the 'Eggcellent Parachutes', where students had to create parachutes that would keep their egg from breaking when being dropped from a height. Only two eggs managed to survive the fall!

Physics Week 4