Mental Health Awareness Week

19 May 2023

At KTC this week, we took part in Mental Health Awareness Week to raise awareness around mental health and the support that is available to our students & staff. Our Wellbeing Ambassadors along with Miss Harper organised activities for the school to complete and created Anxiety leaflets that were handed out on Friday to all students.

The activities that were done by the students during their form time were watching videos on breathing techniques & mindfulness and also completing a 'Worry Tree' worksheet which they could use to combat any worries they might have.

wear it green day logo landscapeBox Breathing Technique - All Years -

Finger Breathing - Younger Years -

Double Inhale Breathing - Older Groups -

On Thursday, students and staff took part in 'Wear It Green Day ????' where students could wear an item of green clothing with their school uniform. The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness, so this was a great way to get involved and open up a conversation about mental health.

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Our Wellbeing Ambassadors

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Our Staff

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and get involved: