Eedi Maths

Starting this week, Eedi has offered all Year 5 to Year 9 (ages 9 to 14) families free access to Eedi Winter League, a free maths learning league designed to motivate your child to improve their maths grades and build confidence. They would get unlimited access to self-paced lessons, guided review videos and interactive questions to help improve their grades and feel confident in maths.

How to Sign Up?

Simply click this link and you can join the Eedi Winter League 100% free of charge.

Eedi also have an unlimited on-demand tutor plan, Eedi Plus, which costs £4.99 / month but this is optional and not required to participate in the Eedi Winter League. 
To learn more, visit the official Eedi Winter League website. Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

If you have questions on the invitation, please contact Eedi directly on