COVID-19 - Measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the College Community

2 October 2020

COVID-19 - Measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the College community

In order to reassure the College and wider College community, detailed below is our current procedures and arrangements in place to ensure we are adhering to the COVID-19 safety measures:


IMG 8471 IMG 8486 Yr 9 Zone Yr 10 Zone IMG 8484

Year groups are separated from each other and are grouped in whole year group 'bubbles'.  Year group bubbles are taught in separate areas to other year group bubbles and remain in these areas for all non-specialist subject lessons to restrict movement around the College site.

The College timetable has been written to avoid mixing of group bubbles and where possible, specialist rooms such as Technology and IT have been assigned to individual year group bubbles to avoid potential mixing of equipment. Where this is not always possible to see the section on cleaning below.

Each “bubble” has a different arrival time, departure time and different break and lunch arrangements to again avoid the mixing of groups within the College site.  Year groups use different entrances to the College site at different times and then separate routes into their bubble area.

A second canteen area has been set up so that students from different year group bubbles are kept separate for lunch and all tables, seating and surfaces in the canteen are cleaned between each year group bubble.

Additional resources and online books have been purchased in departments to ensure that these are not shared between “bubbles”.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is in place for Staff and Visitors around the College site.  Where possible, this is in place for students to follow, however, it is recognised this is not possible within year group bubbles due to class sizes and layouts.  Signage and floor stickers are on display as reminders.

Face coverings

We have taken the decision that students DO NOT need to wear face masks within the zone of their own “year group bubble” but WILL need to wear a face-covering if they are entering a communal area of the school such as front office, SEN, corridors or entering a different “year group zone” within the school.   

Hand Washing and Sanitising

New, external hand washing stations were installed over the summer, providing running water and soap and current arrangements are for all pupils to wash their hands prior to entering the school building at the start of the school day and at the end of break and lunch.

IMG 8476 Troughs IMG 8490 v3

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed in all classrooms, toilet areas and canteens and pupils are reminded to use these when entering any of these areas.

Cleaning arrangements

Signage highlights the need for handwashing and sanitising throughout the College.

IMG 8468 Hands Face Space IMG 8469

Thorough cleaning takes place each and every evening after school of all areas using antiviral cleaning products which have been approved as COVID-19 virus killing product.

Every classroom has been provided with antiviral wipes which meet the EN14476 standard.  Rooms such as our IT suites, pupils are requested to use a wipe to clean their keyboard and mouse prior to use.

Rooms, where there is unavoidable use by different “bubbles” at different times of the day, are cleaned using the antiviral cleaner in between groups to ensure they are sanitised prior to the next group using that room.

We have a team of cleaners on-site throughout the day, cleaning common touchpoints such as door plates, handles, rails etc.

A ‘fogger’ is used particularly in areas with difficult to clean equipment.

Around the College

The College is well ventilated with doors and windows being kept open where possible.  New door hold opens have been added to some cross-corridor doors to keep them open during the day (releasing on the sound of the fire alarm).  There will be a careful balance between ventilation and heating going forwards.

There is a ‘keep left’ policy in the corridors to minimise the potential contact between people around the College.