Year 7 Form Tutors

One of these amazing people will be your form tutor!  This will be the adult you get to know the best when you start at KTC as you will see them every morning for registration.

What do form tutors do?

Form tutors have LOTS of jobs! The main one is making sure you are safe, happy and learning well. Here are just some of the things they do to make sure of this….

  • Register you and check on your attendance and punctuality
  • Support you with any worries or questions you have each day
  • Make sure you are wearing the appropriate uniform
  • Check you are ready to start the school day and have all your equipment.
  • Check you are completing your homework to your best standard
  • Check with your other teachers that you are achieving and behaving well in lessons
  • Praise and reward you for doing your best

MeghanMs Carroll (Teacher of PE)

Hello! This will also be my first year at Kemnal which means we are both on an exciting new journey together. I am a PE teacher who loves all things sports, especially football. I do, however, support Tottenham which can be upsetting at times. My favourite chocolate is caramel dairy milk and my favourite biscuits are chocolate bourbons. I can't wait to get to know all of your interests and hobbies and look forward to welcoming you in September.


Mr Townson (Teacher of Science)

Firstly welcome to KTC for a challenging but highly rewarding 5 years of secondary education. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to guide you through your journey as one of your form tutors. I have been teaching at Kemnal since September 2020. Apart from teaching Science, I have a passion for fitness and sport. I look forward to meeting you all in September.

HastingsMs Hasting (Teacher of Tech & Art)

I’m a fun-loving Technology & Art specialist teacher who is enthusiastic and passionate about her subjects! My decades of teaching have brought many fond memories and a love for my job, especially being a tutor! My Tutees have made me proud over the years through their achievements both inside and out of school and I’m sure you will too. Secondary school is a fantastic place to be. This is not to say life is always easy; when it is not, I’ll be there to be compassionate, caring and nurturing and will always try to be supportive. I look forward to being your Tutor and part of the Kemnal Technology College family in September!

Ms Santarossa (Teacher of Science)Bianca

Welcome to Kemnal! I have been teaching science here for a year, but before teaching I worked in cancer research. Starting at Kemnal might be daunting but it’s a chance to be part of something great. I will be there to help you along the way and I expect you to show kindness and consideration to all staff and pupils. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

AndrewsMr Andrews (Teacher of Science)

I've just started at KTC as a science teacher. I'm South African, and I love animals and spending my free time walking and playing sports. I love teaching students who try their best, learn from their mistakes and are kind to each other. In my lessons, I am firm but fair and willing to have a laugh if it's the time right. I can't wait to meet you all and help guide you into your secondary career.

Ms Paye (Teacher of Science)Isabella

Welcome! I have been working at Kemnal for 1 year and am a cover supervisor as well as a Science teacher and I will be helping out in form times. About me: Before I was a teacher, I worked as a swimming coach and when I was your age I was a regional swimmer. My favourite Science is Biology, especially when it involves animals, and I love it when students share a fun animal fact with me! Remember, I always give rewards to those who try their best in my lessons and are respectful to others. I hope you enjoy your first year here, I know you will love it!

MayaMs McCutcheon (Teacher of Geography)

Hello! I have been a teacher at KTC since September 2020. I am passionate about teaching students about the wider world. I think it's really important for people to know what an amazing, diverse planet we live on. I value trust and respect between students and teachers, and I love it when students tell me interesting facts about the world. Last year I taught geography to Year 7 classes and I can't wait to be a form tutor from September 2021!