Year 7 Form Tutors

One of these amazing people will be your form tutor!  This will be the adult you get to know the best when you start at KTC as you will see them every morning for registration.

What do form tutors do?

Form tutors have LOTS of jobs! The main one is making sure you are safe, happy and learning well. Here are just some of the things they do to make sure of this….

  • Register you and check on your attendance and punctuality
  • Support you with any worries or questions you have each day
  • Make sure you are wearing the appropriate uniform
  • Check you are ready to start the school day and have all your equipment.
  • Check you are completing your homework to your best standard
  • Check with your other teachers that you are achieving and behaving well in lessons
  • Praise and reward you for doing your best


Mrs Maddison (Head of Science)

I've been working at Kemnal for 4 1/2 years now and I love Science. I like it when students tell me science facts that they’ve remembered from class or learnt at home and when they complete their work to the very best standard they can! I get on well with students who show respectful behaviour and are dedicated to learning. Welcome to the KTC family!



Mr Porte (Teacher of Mathematics)

 I joined KTC as a Maths teacher last year.  I worked for BT before I became a teacher, so I know lots about the internet and business too.  The only thing I like more than Maths is football, especially working out goal difference or points per game ... wait a minute, that's Maths again isn't it? I like my class to be somewhere that everyone can learn in a fun, peaceful and respectful environment.  



Ms Cumber (Teacher of Mathematics)

Welcome to Kemnal! This is my second year at KTC so I remember how scary it can be to start at a new school, but don't worry, everyone here is lovely! A bit about me: I am really into baking and was a professional chef before I became a teacher. I love animals and have recently got a new kitten, and of course, as a Maths teacher, I love Maths! I can't wait to get to know you all and be here to support you in this exciting first year.  



Dr Oguike (Teacher of Science)

My name is Dr Oguike. I've worked at KTC for one year. I am a fun-loving person with great traditional values.  I love it when students respect each other and the values of the school community. I enjoy celebrating students' successes so come on, let's do this!



Mr Aldwinckle (Teacher of History)

I have been teaching history at Kemnal since September 2019. I previously worked as a journalist for The Economist magazine in Latin America, reporting from across the continent. I decided to change careers because I am passionate about inspiring the next generation to take an interest in the past. Last year I taught history to two Year 7 classes and I'm really excited to be a form tutor from September 2020. I am a kind but firm teacher and look forward to welcoming a new cohort of students to Kemnal. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling and speaking Spanish and Portuguese.