Staff to Know

There will be lots of new faces to learn including new friends, teachers and support staff. To give you a head start, here are some of the first people you will get to know when you join us at KTC. You might recognise some from your visit to us on our open day!


Mr Cavanagh

It is with deep pride that I welcome you to Kemnal Technology College. I am the Executive Head Teacher which means it is my job to ensure the school and its students are constantly striving forward to be the very best. I believe in high standards, dedication and respect but most of all I believe in you. You have been chosen to be part of our very special community and we are sure that you will rise to the challenges of secondary school with the support of our fantastic teachers. I look forward to welcoming you on your first day.


Ms Gold

Firstly, I want to say that we are delighted to have you join us here at KTC! Before I joined the KTC family, I worked in primary schools for over 10 years (most of this as a Year 6 teacher) so I know how exciting and nerve-wracking starting secondary school can be. That’s why I was so excited to be asked to take on this role last year. My job is all about transition, wellbeing and learning.  This means I start collecting information about you from your primary school teachers, SENCOs and parents before you even start at KTC to help make your move to us a positive experience. Once you’re with us, I organise and ‘direct’ Year 7’ to ensure you are supported and achieving as you move through your first year with us. 


Ms Hicking

Each year group has a Head of Year and I am elated to be the Head of Year 7 as well as teaching English. I’m here to answer questions you have about lessons, homework and anything else you might want to know. I have lots of jobs as your head of year including; taking your weekly assemblies, monitoring your attendance and punctuality and checking up on your behaviour in the classroom and around the school to make sure you’re being the best version of yourself. The best part of my job is that I get to celebrate your successes - there are always competitions with the other year groups (like which year has the best attendance) and I can’t wait for us to win these together. 


Ms O’Shea

I’m the pastoral lead for the Year 7 and 8s. This means that I look after the wellbeing of students and help guide you to be the best you can be. I’m always around to help you if you need me and can’t wait to meet all of you in person.

                                 What does a Pastoral Lead do?

  • Works closely with your Head of Year and Director to monitor your wellbeing,
  • Listens to your concerns. If you are worried about anything at all, I’m here  to offer support and help find solutions with advice and guidance,
  • I keep your parents informed about how you’re doing,
  • I organise groups for you to help with any social or emotional  support you might need,
  • I celebrate your successes with praise and rewards!


Ms Brenson

As Head of the Special Education Needs and Disability team, it’s my job to make sure that we work together to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. I’ll be here to help your teachers understand what you need to learn and guide you with what you can do to reach your full potential. We have a great SEND team here who are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about supporting our students to achieve.