Pupil Voice Results

What the Yr 7 Students Think of KTC


Our Favourite Things:
  • My favourite thing about KTC is the learning.
  • I like reading the books that we learn about in English.
  • My favourite thing about KTC is all the new people I’ve met.
  •  I really like the history, geography and technology lessons.
  • My favourite thing about KTC is how the teachers are very helpful.
  • My favourite thing about Kemnal is my classmates, some are smart, funny, and kind too.
  • I like the sports hall and the whole aspect of physical education
  • My favourite thing about KTC is that there are nice teachers and classmates and exciting lessons where we get to exercise and do more and fun activities in P.E.
  • My favourite thing about KTC is chemistry; the science labs and practicals are great.
  • My favourite thing about KTC is being able to do fun experiments in science and the activities that we do in P.E.
  • I love going to the lunch club.
  • My favourite thing at KTC is that the teachers are kind.
  • My favourite thing about KTC is the teachers. They have all been nice to me since the very beginning and I can't wait to meet some more.
  • My favourite thing is P.E and how nice all of the teachers are and they are always trying to make you feel comfortable.


Suggestions to Further Improve KTC
  • To improve, I think we should be allowed to use all the equipment in technology.

There is a lot of exciting equipment! As you develop your skills and safety awareness in Technology, you will have access to more and more of the machines and equipment. 

  • I’d like to do even more practical lessons in Science.

We are so pleased you enjoy the practical lessons so much. The Science department are always thinking about new and exciting practical lessons to share with you! More will be coming your way soon.

  • I want to be able to go and see other friends in different forms at break. Being able to see other form groups at break will help with people that have bad mental health. It would be nice to talk to the students that seem like they have a hard time.

Our new break time routine of meeting in the canteen now allows this to happen in a safe and structured way. We hope you’re enjoying the new system and getting to know and support your community. 

  • I want you to listen to students' opinions more.

This is what these pupil voices are for - we love to hear your opinions. If you have any ideas or suggestions in between, you can always speak to your Form Tutor who will pass on your ideas to Ms Hicking and Mrs Gold. 

  • I’d like the teachers to be more strict sometimes so that some lessons are quieter and I can have full concentration all the time. 

We agree that any behaviour that distracts from learning needs to be addressed! Based on this suggestion, the staff have all got together in a meeting to discuss ways to make lessons even smoother including regular HOY and SLT check-ins and designated classes for anyone who distracts from learning to be sent out to. Any student distracting others in lessons will continue to receive consequences and we are, as suggested, ensuring that all teachers are ‘stricter’ with these measures. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the students in Year 7 who behave in an exemplary fashion every day and continue to make KTC proud.


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We are so happy to see the vast increase in the number of students who are happy and excited to be at KTC. The number has jumped from 59% in the first week of September to 86% just 2 months later.

The students who still feel nervous or scared about certain aspects of secondary school have each been identified and offered supportive measures to help them to feel happy too. 

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We can see that the biggest worry is the homework. Unfortunately, we can’t make this worry disappear but we can try to help! The knowledge organisers are designed to be flexible and simple to follow but if you’re worried, please speak directly to your Form Tutor who can give you hints and tips on how to make homework easier. You can also take a look at the homework guide -