Parent Voice Results Part 1

Thank you to all of the parents who filled in a parent voice questionnaire! Here is what we learned about the Virtual Parent Meeting

66% of parents who attended our virtual meetings had this to say:

  • I thought this was an excellent way to 'meet' Sarah's form tutor - I felt under the current restrictions that it was a great way to introduce myself too - it was my first experience of a virtual face to face meeting but it was easy to log on etc
  • Covered all areas of my daughters learning, nice to hear how well she is getting on. Asked about her wellbeing and travelling to school. Covered everything and answered any questions I had.
  • I thought it went ok I was pleased with the comments about my daughter It sounds like she is settling in ok And I had a good report
  • It was impressive. We used video chat, text chat and I had captions on so I could follow Dr O.
  • Was great to have the opportunity to receive feedback about progress and settling in.
  • Was informative and welcoming, I know my son is well looked after.
  • Was very nice to finally be able to see and talk to a teacher
  • I found this very helpful and answered any questions I had.
  • Discussed everything about the learning and behaviour in a positive way.
  • Very good. Was great to see who I was talking with.
  • The Form Tutor was very nice. Answered all my questions.
  • Very informative and supportive of my son.
  • Very simple and straightforward.
  • Great report experience.
  • Just what was needed.
  • Very good experience.
Issues to Consider:
  • It was good to hear how my daughter was getting on and teachers felt she had settled well. It was very different and felt the conversation didn't flow as it would be face to face especially as 1st time meeting teachers from both sides. But having a video platform chat was better than by phone and having the opportunity to hear how she settled in was worth it.

Thank you for your feedback! We agree that a video chat is a little more personal and are glad you feel happy to have had the platform.

  • Although the meeting would not connect virtually, the Form Tutor called me & the meeting was still positive!

Glad to hear the issue was sorted so that you could still speak to your child’s form tutor.

  • My phone wouldn’t let me do a virtual meeting but spoke on the phone and was very pleased

We’re happy you are pleased!

  • I spoke over the phone as I find it uncomfortable just looking at each other over a screen.

We are happy to arrange calls instead where this is preferable and are glad this made you more comfortable.

  • Couldn't log on to the meeting sadly

We are sorry to hear that the technology didn’t work for you on this occasion! We are happy to arrange calls instead where this is preferable.

  • 8 of you were unavailable during the scheduled appointments times of 3.30 - 6.00pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.

We are so sorry that you were unable to attend due to other commitments. KTC do their very best to try to accommodate times for everyone. We hope you can attend the next event.  If the times available do not suit your needs and you wish to book a meeting, call the school office who will endeavour to arrange a time to suit you.

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Google Meetings have come out on top as the preference for meetings moving forward if 'in person' ones are not possible. We will of course, continue to provide the option for a call where this is required!