School Map

Getting lost is often one of the biggest worries for students starting a new school. As you know, here at KTC we do lots of things to make getting lost less likely and less stressful including having most Year 7 lessons take place in your form room and escorting you to any lessons that are outside your block until you're confident to find your own way. Take a look at the layout and pictures of the Year 7 Block and wider school site here.

This is a basic map of our site. Don’t forget most of your lessons will be in the Year 7 Block and you’ll be taken to the ones that are not so don’t worry about remembering all these places yet! The map is just here so you can see the other places you will eventually learn in.

Main School



Year 7 Block - Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Getting lost is often one of the biggest worries new students have. We are a large site here at KTC however we are unique in the way we run our lessons for Year 7 students and this will help you to find your way!

At first, most of your lessons including Form time, PSHE, English, Maths, French, History and Geography will all take place in the same room! This means you won’t need to move around for every lesson. You also have your own Technology room, Computing room, toilets and Common room in the Year 7 Building to make it as simple as possible.

For the subjects that require specialist equipment such as Science, Music, P.E. and Art, your teachers will escort you to these rooms in the first few weeks until you know your way around.
Yr 7 Block v2

The Year 7 technology room has a theory and practical area exclusively for Yr 7 students.

The common room is a space for relaxing and socialising at break times. There are board games, books, and computers for you to use.

Year 7 toilets are located just inside the ground floor entrance.

Year 7 Block - First Floor