Absence Procedures

Sickness Absence

On the first day of absence

  • Call the Cover Line on 020 8269 8376 before 07:45, stating your name, department and reason for absence
  • Confirm that coverwork has been put on the t:drive for all of your lessons. (In Staff Resources – Cover, naming the file with your initials and the date and period of cover). If this is not possible, state how you have let the College know of lesson cover. (e-mail, phone etc)
  • If known, advise Cover of number of days you expect to be absent
  • If you are likely to miss any other appointments: training, meetings etc. advise Cover, to allow possible replacements to be made

Subsequent days of absence

  • If you haven’t previously notified Cover that you will be out on the day, call in before 07:45, (It would not be necessary if a longer period of absence was stated in a previous call)
  • Ensure coverwork is sent in by 07:45 daily

Before Return to Work

  • Call the Cover Line on 020 8269 8376 before 7:45am on the day of return, stating your name and department, and confirming your return to work that day

On Return to Work

  • Report to the Business Manager (Tracy Cullen) before you start work, with an Employee Return to Work form, which can be found on the t:drive, under Staff Resources – ABSENCE – ReturntoWork(Gen)

Pre-Planned Absence

Please check the Cover Diary on the t:drive (Staff Resources – Cover) as any request for red days may not be authorised.


  • Personal - Complete the above form. This form must be authorised by your line manager before reaching Cover
  • Training   - These requests must be authorised by the Deputy Head for Training before reaching Cover

e-mail: cover@ktc-tkat.org