Ranger Portico

Ranger Portico is a piece of remote access software which will allow students and staff to access their school user area and shared drives from home machines.

To use Ranger, please click the link below. This provides a link for staff and students to log in using their network account login details and access work.

Please click here to login 

(This link will only work offsite)

Ranger Portico enables:

  • students to access school resources from home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • students to submit homework remotely
  • access using an Apple Mac or a Windows Device
  • provide secure remote access with no need for additional hardware or software, only an internet connection
  • staff access to update their teaching and admin files, at a time and place they choose.

Kemnal Technology College takes no responsibility for any loss of data or problems which might be linked to the use of this software. No such occurrences have ever been reported.

Misuse of this software will result in access being removed and possible police involvement.

Click here to download a guide to using Ranger Portico.