KS4 Summer Term Work



Animal Farm Text & Qs Atonement - Q1-4
Atonement English Language Paper 1 Base 4 Homework Imagination Story
Comprehension Questions on The Selfish Giant Creative Writing Image 1
Creative Writing Image 2 Home Learning Activity Sheet
Independent Study Project Language Analysis
Language - Whitney Houston Article Language - Match Starter
Language - Powerpoint Letter of Complaint
Writing Competition Paper-2-Q5-Year 10 - 11
PEE Paragraph Analysis Poetry Analysis Withered Nut
Question 2 AQA War Horse Text & Qs
Whispers Graveyard Text & Qs Work booklet
Writing Challenge Writing


Starters 1 - 7, Questions Starters 1 - 7, Answers
Maths Investigations Code Breaking


Biology - Food Chains Chemistry - Acids & Alkalis
Physics - Forces  


Earth Day 2020  


Young Geographer of the Year 2020 Competition Guidelines Theme - The World Through My Window
Blank Template for Competition GFA World Webcam
Geographical Skills Booklet from arkalexandra.org Rivers Revision booklet part 1
UK Physical Landscapes Booklet - Geology and Glaciation  


Famous French Person Project  


Cake & Card Design Idea for Captain Tom Moore Year 10 Lamp Project Coursework
Pop Art Shoe Design Lettering Styles Practice
Scale Drawing Practice VE Day Activities All Year Groups
Bunting Templates Design a Medal
Glider Template Design Tasks
Yr 10 Google Classroom & Seneca Code  


History Project - Days that Shook the World  


Computer Science  
Year 10 - 01-WhatIsAComputer Year 10 - 02-DigitalWorld
Year 10 - 02-DigitalWorld2 Year 10 - 03-Reliability
Year 10 - 03-Reliability2 Year 10 - 04-ProfessionalStandards


Year 10 Year 11 (1)
Year 11 (2) Year 11 (3)


Exam Paper 1 Exam Paper 1 Mark Scheme
Leadership 1  


Y10 Retrieval activities 1 The Noble Truths Examples-Of-Suffering
The Noble Truths PP1 The Noble Truths PP2
The Noble Truths Activity The Noble Truths Grid


Biodiversity Week - 18th to 22nd May        Activities below for each day of the week
Something different for the weekend!! Soap or Sanitiser What works best? 
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