KS3 Summer Term Work

Work in Bold is New

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

After consideration, we have decided that the content of the recent work set for humanities around racism and prejudice would be better studied at school within the classroom environment. We therefore advise that the History homework dated 03.06.2020 need not be completed. We are constantly reviewing our curriculum content and teaching methods to create the best learning opportunities we can and believe tackling this in the classroom will be a more appropriate and supportive platform for our students. As always, if you wish to discuss anything linked to this or any other learning, please contact us. Thank you for your continued support.

English For Year 7, 8 & 9
A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea Base 4 Homework Imagination Story
Comprehension Questions on The Selfish Giant Creative Writing Image 1
Creative Writing Image 2 English Home Learning Pack 1
English Home Learning Pack 2 Home Learning Activity Sheet
Independent Study Project Language Analysis
Language - Match Starter Language - Whitney Houston Article
Language - Powerpoint Writing Competition
Reading Comprehension Skills Builder Booklet Y7- 8
Skills Builder Booklet Y8-9 Student English KS3 Mastery Writing Workbook
Student English KS3 Mastery Writing Workbook 2 Student English KS3 Poetry Workbook
Student English KS3 Poetry Workbook 2 Writing
4. Language_RSPCA Advert 4. RSPCA Advert
Creative Writing Letter of Complaint
Non-Fiction Analysis PEE Paragraph Analysis
Writing Project 200 Word Challenge Non-Fiction 1
Narrative Writing Exam Style Questions Oliver Twist Comprehension
Persuasive Wordsearch  


Plan a Holiday Design a Bedroom
Year 7 Freefall Pack 1 Year 7 Freefall Pack 2
Year 7 Freefall Pack 3 Year 8 Freefall Pack 1
Year 8 Freefall Pack 2 Year 8 Freefall Pack 3
Yr 7 & 8 Guidelines  
Year 7 Freefall Pack 6 Term 2 Year 8 Freefall Pack 4 Term 2
Year 8 Freefall Pack 5 Term 2 Year 8 Freefall Pack 6 Term 2


Science For Year 7, 8 & 9
Biology - Food Chains Chemistry - Acids & Alkalis
Physics - Forces  
Year 7 - Biology - Variation Task Year 7 - Chemistry - Greenhouse Effect Task
Year 7 - Physics - Sound Task Year 8 - Biology - Variation Task
Year 8 - Chemistry - Greenhouse Effect Task Year 8 - Physics - Sound Task
Year 9 - Biology - Variation Task Year 9 - Chemistry - Greenhouse Effect Task
Year 9 - Physics - Sound Task  


Computer Science  
Year 7 - Input and Output Workbook Year 7 - Computer Control - Quiz answers & poster
Year 7 - Binary Quiz - Google Forms Year 7 - E-Safety Quiz - Google Forms
Year 8 - Activity - Copyright Reforms Year 8 - Activity - Digital Divide
Year 8 - Activity - Drones Year 8 - Invent a Computer Game
Year 8 - KS3 Quiz - 01 Introduction to computers Year 8 - KS3 Extension
Year 9 - 01-WhatIsAComputer Year 9 - 02-DigitalWorld
Year 9 - 02-DigitalWorld2 Year 9 - 03-Reliability
Year 9 - 03-Reliability2 Year 9 - iDEA display
Year 7 - Computer Systems - Lesson & worksheet Year 7 - Computer Systems Word Search
Year 7 - Hardware and Software Year 7 - Hardware and Software Task
Year 7 - Copyright & knowing how it can affect you Google Forms Year 7 - Respecting Copyright
Year 7 - Diary-planning-template Year 7 - Diary Entry
Year 7 - Sensor Design Sheet Year 7 - Sensors
Year 7 - Binary Worksheet Year 7 - Crack the Code
Year 7 - James Bond Binary Year 7 - Binary Game
Year 8 - Digital Classroom Design Activity Sheet Year 8 - Digital Difference Activity Sheet
Year 8 - Flowcharts & Pseudocode Activity Sheet Lower Ability Year 8 - Technology Did You Know Fact Cards
Year 8 - Wearable Technology Activity Sheets Year 9 - 05-ethics&EnviromentalWaste
Year 9 - 05-ethics&EnviromentalWaste-2 Year 9 - 06-LegalConsiderations
Year 9 - 06-LegalConsiderations-2 Year 9 - 16-ROM
Year 9 - 16-ROM-2 Year 9 - 17-RAM
Year 9 - 17-RAM-2  


KS3 The Sleep Factor PP KS3 The Sleep Factor Resources
Our Planet Activity Sheets - For Year 7 & 8  

For Year 9's

Character Ed Lesson 1 Respect

Character Ed Lesson 2 Integrity

Hello all,
For the next 5 weeks, I would like you to watch 5 short films and engage in the PP activities related to them. The films follow two young people navigating the aftermath of a national crisis. The resources/ activities will help you understand the followings:
Lesson 1: How showing respect can help diffuse tension and resolve conflict.
Lesson 2: Why integrity is important for learning.
Lesson 3: What it means to be resilient, and strategies to complete tasks under pressure.
Lesson 4 and 5: Using compassion and empathy to suggest a resolution to conflict, and how compassion can contribute to a healthier society.

I will post one lesson per week. Please engage with the lessons and enjoy learning from them. Missing you!!! Take care 
Miss Deramchi
Year 9 PSHE Work Transitions during COVID19
Transition from KS3 to KS4 Lesson Transition from KS3 to KS4 Resources
Earth Day 2020  
Climate change resource. To access it without logging in, you just need to:
- open the bpES website: bp.com/bpes
- click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
- enter the code below.
Student code: 73010
Brilliant biogas resource. To access it without logging in, you just need to:
- open the bpES website: bp.com/bpes
- click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
- enter the code below.
Student code: 97338
On the 16th June the World’s Largest Lesson Live will premiere on YouTube at 4pm UK time.
It is a 30 minute learning show for teenagers featuring senior UN leaders and teen icons in conversation about things that matter to teens like yourselves right now – Education – Health – Activism. It will prompt you to re-imagine the future after COVID19 and ask the following questions:
1- What do we all want education to be like?
2- How can we create a world where everyone is healthy?
3- How can young people help shape what happens next?
I have attached the link and the resources that you can complete after you watch the video.
Please connect on Tuesday the 16th June at 4pm.

World's Largest Lesson 16th June Health - Live

World's Largest Lesson 16th June Education - Live

World's Largest Lesson 16th June Activism - Live


Psychology - Year 9 ( Yr 10 Next Year)  
Psychology An Introduction Psychology Origins
Psychology Famous Contributors Command Words


Young Geographer of the Year 2020 Competition Guidelines Theme - The World Through My Window
Blank Template for Competition GFA World Webcam
KS3 Geography Booklet Bronze  


Cake & Card Design Idea for Captain Tom Moore Pop Art Shoe Design
Scale Drawing Practice Lettering Styles Practice
VE Day Activities All Year Groups Bunting Templates
Design a Medal Glider Template
Design Tasks  
KS3 Technology Summer term - Food technology KS3 Summer Term Work
Year 7 Google Classroom Code: ryqkwwy Year 8 Google Classroom Code: r7e7nk2
Year 9 Google Classroom Code: x6oxffo  

For All Years

Poster design 

I am sure you are all well aware by now about the importance of social distancing and regularly washing your hands now.  When you eventually come back to school this will be very important and is something that everyone will need to be reminded about to ensure that we all stay safe.  

Your task is to design a poster that will remind everyone at school about social distancing and washing hands etc.

  • It can be about one of those things or both or you could do 2 separate posters. 

  • It can be completed on the computer, hand-drawn or a combination of both.

  • Think about tasks you previously completed (Graffiti lettering, perspective drawing etc)

  • How will you make sure that your design is eye-catching and attracts the attention of everyone?

  • What important information do you need to include?

I will display the best designs in the tech department.                                                                                                                                               


Famous French Person Project  


History Project - Days that Shook the World  


Year 7 Project Caribbean Music Home Learning Menu
Music Research Project Summer Yr9 Year 7 SONORITYCH1
Year 7 Project The Orchestra Year 8 - WORLDMUSICPASSPORT - Word
Year 8 - WORLDMUSICPASSPORT - PDF Yr8 Music of the World Project
Yr 9 SQUILT w_o MS - Word Yr 9 SQUILT w_o MS - PDF
30 Day Music Challenge  
30 Day Music Challenge PDF 30_DAY_Music_Challenge Layout
A is for GENERIC - Word A is for GENERIC - PDF
KS3 Musical Alphabet Challenge Year 7 30_DAY_Music_Challenge


Year 7 (1) Year 7 (2)
Year 7 (3) Year 8
Year 9 (1) Year 9 (2)
Year 7 Portraiture Task Year 7 Still Life Task
Year 8 - Landscape Year 8 - Zombie Project
Year 9 - Barbara Kruger Year 9 - Popular Object


Y9 RS Science Vs Religion Retrieval work Yr 9 Retrieval work: Science Vs Religion on Creationism Lesson 3
War and Peace PP War and Peace diamond 9
Human Rights PPT Human Rights Questions
Human Rights photos Human Rights Shirin and Oscar
Human Rights Universal Declaration  
Yr 8 (Next Year 9)  
Introduction to RS  


Biodiversity Week - 18th to 22nd May        Activities below for each day of the week
Something different for the weekend!! Soap or Sanitiser What works best? 
Our students can access this resource without logging in.To access this resource, they need to:
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  • - enter the Student code: 35629