Routes 636, 637 and 638 – proposed withdrawal of two journeys

School bus routes 636, 637 and 638 run between the Hayes, Bromley, Grove Park, Mottingham and Chislehurst areas and your school. There are currently six journeys in the morning (all on route 638) and up to eight journeys in the afternoon (one each on routes 636 and 637 and six on route 638). I attach the current timetable which shows which school is served by which journeys.

From the new school term in September 2017 we are proposing to remove the two afternoon journeys numbered 636 and 637. These depart Kemnal Technology College at 14:55 (both journeys) and Eltham College at 15:10 and 15:12, and terminate at Grove Park, Chinbrook Road. This is as the number of students travelling on these journeys has been declining and there is space to accommodate them more efficiently on the remaining route 638 journeys, departing Kemnal Technology College at 15:00 and 15:05, and Eltham College at 15:27 (two buses), 15:32 (two buses) and 15:37.

All stops served by routes 636 and 637 would also be served by the remaining route 638 journeys except for four stops in William Barefoot Drive. Students wishing to travel from Kemnal Technology College to William Barefoot Drive would be able to alight from route 638 at the Elmstead Lane stop in Mottingham Road. They could then either walk the short distance to William Barefoot Drive or walk round the corner into Elmstead Lane and catch a route 314 bus. Route 314 has sufficient space to accommodate these students.

There would be no significant changes to the morning journeys or the remaining afternoon (route 638) journeys but please check our Journey Planner or the timetables at bus stops before school restarts. In particular the afternoon departure times from Eltham College may change slightly.

Route 638 also serves Chislehurst School for Girls but there would be no significant effect on that school.

I would be grateful if you would forward this proposal to students, parents and staff as appropriate.

If there are any comments or concerns about this proposal would you please contact me as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Hosking

Consultation Team

Transport for London

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