Letter to Students, Parents and Carers

     Dear Students, Parents and Carers

We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday, are rested and raring to start the new term.   We would like to welcome back our returning students, parents and carers to College and extend a very warm welcome to all of our new members of the College community.

Over the summer holidays we celebrated some of our best ever results both at GCSE and A level and were elated that 75% of our Year 11 boys achieved an A*- C grade in English and an incredible 83% achieved an A*-C in Maths; both of these figures being way above the national average for boys and girls combined and even further above the national average for boys alone.  We also celebrated above national averages in a number of different subjects including Sport, Creative Arts and Information Technologies.  We are so very proud of their fantastic achievement which has opened pathways for their next steps in life and also

delighted to welcome back many of them into our 6th Form.

Our  6th   Form  also  saw  some  exceptional  outcomes  with  significant  improvements  in  our  academic subjects and the outcomes in our vocational subjects can only be described as outstanding.   Our most high performing areas were in Maths, Business, Product Design, Construction, Science, PE and ICT.  We are so proud that those grades helped our students secure apprenticeships and university placements.

The start of the school year has been really positive and as always busy.  The College has introduced a new House System and so far the feedback from students is that it is an improvement.  Tutor groups now have students from each year group and we are already seeing the benefit of this during break and lunch times.  Our younger students; in particular our Year 7s, are more confident to approach older students as they know some of them from tutor time which breaks down barriers from the onset and helps to create a community of positive, healthy competition!

During the summer break a huge amount of maintenance and building work was carried out with the biggest project being the re-designing and refurbishment of the Canteen.  It has been transformed from a dark and cramped space to a light, spacious area where students can sit, eat and talk during their break times.   In addition there has also been a great deal of painting that has taken place but that is a constant work in progress with the aim of brightening up the corridors around the College.

Over the coming year we will to continue to develop links with our partner schools within TKAT, in particular Cleeve Park School, as well as other Bromley schools to support our improvement agenda.  The 6th Forms at our College and Cleeve Park School are beginning to work in partnership and we look forward to this developing further over the coming year.

As always, we remind parents and carers to check our website regularly for information on all aspects of College life including parental events but most importantly we are very much looking forward to working alongside you all to achieve the best outcomes we can for all of our students.

Yours faithfully


EXECUTIVE HEAD TEACHER                                                                                   HEAD OF COLLEGE

Mrs J Tyler-Maher BA (Hon) NPQH                                                                               Ms Sarah Crawford


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