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Name Date Category  
Absence Management 25th May 2016Policies Download
Admission Arrangements for 2020/21 15th Feb 2019Policies Download
Admission Policy 2019-20 11th Oct 2018Policies Download
Assessment Policy 28th Oct 2016Policies Download
Attendance Policy 01st Mar 2019Policies Download
Behaviour Management Policy - March 2018 18th Mar 2018Policies Download
Behaviour Policy simplified version - March 2018 18th Mar 2018Policies Download
Bullying and Racist Incident Policy 09th Mar 2017Policies Download
Cashless Vending 25th May 2016Policies Download
CEIAG Policy - 2018 01st Mar 2019Policies Download
Charging Remissions Policy 07th Jan 2019Policies Download
Code of Conduct 16th Sep 2016Policies Download
College Rules 26th Jan 2017Policies Download
CPD Policy 26th Jan 2017Policies Download
Curriculum Policy 24th Jan 2017Policies Download
E-safety Policy 2016 28th Feb 2016Policies Download
Emergency Closure Policy 10th Dec 2017Policies Download
Flu Pandemic Plan 25th Jan 2017Policies Download
Head Injury Policy 11th Oct 2018Policies Download
KS3 Assessment Policy 04th Apr 2019Policies Download
KTC Complaints Policy - TKAT Academies 25th May 2016Policies Download
KTC Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2018-19 29th Jan 2019Policies Download
Literacy Policy 24th Jan 2017Policies Download
Medical Needs 16th Mar 2016Policies Download
Mobile Phone and Personal Electronic Device Policy 22nd Sep 2017Policies Download
Photography Protocol 31st Jan 2017Policies Download
Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism Policy 10th Mar 2017Policies Download
SEN Policy 12th Dec 2017Policies Download
Sex Education 26th Jan 2017Policies Download
SMSC 26th Jan 2017Policies Download
Special Educational Needs Local Offer 08th Jan 2014Policies Download
TKAT-Data-Protection-Policy-v1.1 28th Jan 2019Data Protection Policies Download
TKAT-Information-Security-Encryption-Policy-v1.1 28th Jan 2019Data Protection Policies Download
TKAT-Information-Security-Policy-v1.0 28th Jan 2019Data Protection Policies Download
TKAT-Privacy-Notice-for-Websites 23rd May 2018Data Protection Policies Download
Uniform Policy 11th Nov 2018Policies Download
Whistleblowing Policy 05th Oct 2015Policies Download
Work Experience Policy 27th May 2016Policies Download