Poetry Competition


Get creative with the Divine Chocolate & Christian Aid Poetry Competition!

Submit your students' poems to our National Poetry Competition, now in its 18th year.

This year's theme: Where does the chocolate journey begin?

Who can enter?

The competition has three categories:

7-11 year olds
12-16 year olds
17 years and over

Open to UK residents aged 7 years and over. All valid entries received by the closing date will be considered.

Ideas for the theme

The theme is Where does the chocolate journey begin?

Cocoa grows on trees

The key ingredient in chocolate is cocoa. Most of the cocoa you eat comes from the rainforests of West Africa, where poor farmers tend their cocoa trees on small family farms. This is where the chocolate journey begins.

The journey through history

Among the Mayans and Aztecs of Central America where cocoa originated, cocoa beans were so important they were used as money. Nobles drank cocoa at royal feasts. In modern times, chocolate has come to symbolise romantic love and luxury.

From bean to bar

Cocoa comes from the seeds of cocoa pods, which grow on the cocoa tree. Farmers harvest the cocoa, ferment it and dry it out in the sun, and then send it to factories to be made into delicious chocolate.

Into the future

Changing weather patterns make it harder to grow cocoa, driving cocoa farmers to move and cut down the rainforest for new farms, which makes climate change worse. Through Fairtrade, we can support cocoa farmers to farm in a better way and protect the forest.

Remember this is the Divine Poetry Competition - if you write about chocolate products, don't write about other chocolate companies!

How to enter the Poetry Competition

The closing date is: 5th June 2020

Submit your poem(s)

Are there prizes?

Yes! The winning students will get a film of their poem being read by this year's guest judge, Onjali Raúf, winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2019.

They will get book tokens. And they will get lots of delicious Divine Chocolate goodies!

Good luck!

Any questions? Contact Tom Steele on 07815 771 939 or

Submit your poem(s)


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