iRIS Connect

What is iRIS Connect?

iRIS Connect is a revolutionary new approach to supporting teachers improve their practice by using videoing learning.

Benefits of video lesson observation

  • Self observation – with video, teachers can observe their own lessons for a deeper level of self-reflection which they can refer back to any time
  • Time for peer observation – filming teacher's lessons will help them to make time for peer observation without having to interrupt their own class. This will help them and their colleagues share practice more regularly
  • Increases authenticity– the dynamic of the class won’t be altered by the presence of an in-class observer; they can simply continue teaching as they would normally
  • Continuing Development discussions are based on real events- see what actually happened in the lesson rather than relying on recollection and potentially conflicting accounts. This helps teachers to build trust, have valuable dialogue and stronger working relationships making for much more powerful lesson observations for everyone!

Code of Practice

The IRIS Connect system is designed for professional development and uses video and audio recordings to enable teacher reflection and collaboration. As a learning community we recognise the need for a shared understanding of what the system is for and how it will be used.

As a professional learning community we agree:

  • The system is for personal reflection, collaboration, coaching and enquiry learning, and remains under the control of the individual teacher at all stages
  • The system will not be used for surveillance
  • No pressure will be placed on teachers to share their practice with other users of the system
  • All individual users, agree to use the system sensitively, developmentally and with due respect for colleagues
  • Individual users agree to use all of the systems security features and protocols to ensure privacy and security for teachers and pupils
  • Consideration will be given to teachers applying to use the system for different purposes, however, each new purpose will only be agreed if it can be shown to enhance teaching and learning and be aligned with our collective ethos of positive, trust-based collaboration
  • If new uses for the system are agreed, in future the adoption of the new approach will proceed on an opt-in basis and old videos will not be put to new use
  • All individual users have the responsibility to gain appropriate training in the use of the system
  • All individual users have the responsibility to ensure that relevant parties, learners, other teachers, visitors etc. know when the cameras are recording and the purpose of the recording
  • All individual users have the responsibility to protect their own data and the data of others, and not to disclose passwords

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