As a College we are dedicated to keeping our students safe and well. The college offers many opportunities for students to learn about healthy and safe life choices and works hard to provide a caring and supportive environment. We recognise that some students may need more support than others and have a strong pastoral system to ensure that students feel nurtured and listened to. 

Students are at risk as young people from a range of potentially harmful situations. Our staff are trained regularly about how to recognise any signs of risk of harm and student safety is on our weekly meetings agenda. Staff in the Learning Support department are always available during the school day to receive any concerns about students.  

The school safeguarding officers are: 

Juliet Morris- Safeguarding lead officer 0208 269 8288

Claire Wright - Deputy safeguarding officer  0208 269 8393

 If you have any concerns about the safety of a student at the college, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above numbers. 

Please see our safeguarding policies, links for which are provided on this page below.


Please contact the College should you require a paper copy of any document