KS3 Assessment Score Descriptors

As of September 2015 National Curriculum Levels are no longer being used by schools. This is a national change that affects all students in years 7, 8 and 9. At Kemnal Technology College we will be assessing using a numerical score between 1 and 9, with 9 being the highest.

Students will be given a numerical score for their knowledge and understanding in each subject area as well as a score for quality of work, attitude to work and behaviour for learning. Parents will be able to see how their child is doing in each subject. A full report will be available at the end of each term along with easy to read score descriptors which are accessed via the website. These provide background information on what the scores mean for your child.

Further details will be available at parents’ evenings.

Information on score descriptors - Presentation

Generic Score Descriptor - This document contains the descriptions for Quality of Work, Behaviour for Learning and Attitude to Learning.

The below descriptors are subject specific for the Knowledge and Understanding of the subject.

KS3 Assessment Score Descriptors 

Subjects Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Art Art-Yr7 Art-Yr8 Art-Yr9
Design & Technology Tech-Yr7 Tech-Yr8 Tech-Yr9
Drama Drama-Yr7 Drama-Yr8 Drama-Yr9
English English-Yr7 English-Yr8 English-Yr9
Geography Geography-Yr7 Geography-Yr8 Geography-Yr9
History History-Yr7 History-Yr8 History-Yr9
Computer Science CS-Yr7 CS-Yr8 CS-Yr9
Languages MFL-Yr7 MFL-Yr8 MFL-Yr9
Maths Maths-Yr7 Maths-Yr8 Maths-Yr9
Music Music-Yr7 Music-Yr8 Music-Yr9
PE PE-Yr7 PE-Yr8 PE-Yr9
RE RE-Yr7 RE-Yr8 RE-Yr9
Science Biology SciBiology-Yr7 SciBiology-Yr8 SciBiology-Yr9
Science Physics SciPhysics-Yr7 SciPhysics-Yr8 SciPhysics-Yr9
Science Chemistry SciChemistry-Yr7 SciChemistry-Yr8 SciChemistry-Yr9