Sixth Form Admissions Policy



Entry to School for Year 12

All students entering the Sixth Form in Year 12 must follow a full timetable of activities which will comprise courses in at least three Level 3 courses.

The school will admit all current students who meet the entry requirements and external applicants who meet the entry requirements and have a good reference from their current institution but subject to the over-subscription criteria.

The entry requirement for Year 12 is at least five GCSE passes, including Maths and English, at grades A* to C, as well as specific course entrance requirements for that academic year as stated on the website. Full details of the available subjects and courses are available in the school’s Sixth Form Prospectus.

All candidates, internal and external, must demonstrate that their predicted performance at GCSE will meet the entry criteria before the offer of a place will be made. Offers will relate to specific subjects/courses only and are conditional upon actual grades being achieved on enrolment day. We will require external applicants to provide copies of examination results before taking up places.

References and internal school reports will be reviewed before a place is confirmed. Poor behaviour may result in an offer being withdrawn.

Meeting the requirements of any course is no guarantee that the applicant will automatically be offered a place on his or her preferred combination of courses.  Entry into Year 12 will depend upon the availability of space on courses. 

Places will be allocated in the following priority:-

•             Looked after and previously looked after candidates who meet the criteria.  

•             Applications from internal candidates who meet the academic requirements.

•             Applications from external candidates who meet the academic requirements.

Over-subscription criteria will be applied to external applications for all courses where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the places available. Places will be offered to the applicants with the highest average GCSE point score and then the highest GCSE grade in the relevant subject. Applicants who fail to gain a place in one of their chosen subjects will be offered an alternative subject with an available place and for which they fulfil the entry requirement.


Entry to Year 13

Year 12 students must achieve a minimum of three pass grades (A*-E) in three or more subjects in order to continue to Year 13.

Students who do not meet the entry requirements for Year 13 will be informed of any decision made regarding their place by letter on results day. Any known mitigating circumstances must be communicated to the Head of Sixth Form by the end of the following day. A meeting will be arranged to discuss these. These circumstances should be reported to school prior to the start of the examinations, wherever practicable.

Final decisions will be made by the Head Teacher by the start of the next academic year.

External applications to join Year 13 will only be considered in exceptional circumstance.


Entry to School for Years 12 and 13 for Adults

Students who are 18 or over will not be admitted into Year 12 and those who are 19 or over will not be admitted into Year 13.