Key Stage 5 A Level photography



Component 1: 60% of A Level   Component 2: 40% of A Level  


Year 12—Order of Study

Year 12 – Component 1 Porƞolio

Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of photographic media, techniques andprocesses. They will experiment with both traditional and new technologies. Students will explore relevant images and resources from the past and from recent times, including European and non-European examples. This should be integral to the investigating and making    processes. Students' responses to these examples will be shown through practical and critical activities that demonstrate their understanding of different styles, genres and traditions.


Year 13—Order of Study

Year 13 Component 2 Externally set assignment  

Separate question papers will be provided for each  title. These will consist of a choice of five questions to be used as starting points. Students are required to select one. Students will be provided with exam‐ ination papers on 1 February. Following receipt of the paper students should consider the starting points and select one. Preparatory work should be presented in any   suitable format, such as mounted sheets, design sheets, sketchbooks, workbooks, journals, models and maquettes. In the 10 hour exam (over 2 days) students must produce a fin‐ ished outcome or a series of related finished out‐ comes, informed by their preparatory work. Students must stop work on their preparatory work as soon as the first period of supervised time starts. Students may refer to their preparatory work in the supervised Ɵme, but it must not be added to or amended.