Key Stage 5 BTEC Art and Design

BTEC - Art and Design 

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design (equivalent to 1 A level)

BTECs have been successful courses for many learners who prefer to approach their learning in a more applied and hands on way. Some also prefer the practical approach with on-going assessment to an exam led course. Whatever the reason for opting for a BTEC we are confident that students will find this new way of learning challenging and rewarding. The Art BTEC is aimed at students who already have GCSE level Art skills and wish to develop these skills alongside their understanding of working within the Arts. Students will explore aspects of visual recording, materials, techniques and processes, ideas and concepts and visual communication. The course aims to cover a wide range of practical skills and techniques including painting, printing and sculpture.

Students who opt to follow the full diploma will have the opportunity to develop skills and experience in a greater range of practical areas developing at the same time a deeper understanding of the processes used by artists, designers and craftspeople. They will also become more experienced and confident in using a wider range of materials and processes. 

We hope that our new cohort of students will enjoy this exciting course which will offer them great vocational and academic potential!

Year 12

The first two units aim to extend learners’ ability to select and visually record  through a range of mediums including painting, photography and collage.  Students will then develop their 3D skills to design and produce a mask for a play.

In the third and fourth unit, students will be given the opportunity to develop their own design for a film poster of their choice using either illustration or Photoshop.

Year 13

Students will learn about printmaking techniques and processes in order to produce a marketable final outcome. In their final unit,  students will be given the opportunity to develop teaching resources for younger students.