Advise -  IS a verb.Aerobics for grannies normally finishes in A and E

I see Blackburn Rovers have made Controversial signings.

Hierarchy – When you say hi to the queen (ER), don’t forget to arch forward and bow.

Intelligent I could tell you were an intelligent gent just by looking at you

FebruaryR U A romantic like me?

Height – He and I go home together at the height of rush hour.

Vacuum – could you vacuum the BM Double U please?

Equipment - I use my gym equipment in the afternoon (PM).

In ‘The Sound of Music’, Julie Andrews pronunciation of words was just divine… what a pro nun


Primary: Red, Yellow & Blue - The colour associated with the Virgin Mary is blue

Secondary: Violet = Blue + Red Violet = Blue + Red: What a vibrant colour!

Blue/Orange Red/Green Yellow/Purple: Just as you can't find the phone number for Bjorn Borg in the YP (Yellow Pages), so you can't have these three primary/secondary combinations.

Mona Lisa - De Vinci - Don't be a moaner, Lisa. It's just da pinchy suit.

This link is by Sonja.

Easel - Don't try and ease yourself out of this sticky situation you weasel.

Opacity (Obscurity or Vagueness) - It's not clear to me (i.e opacity) if this is a city or a town

Impressionism- An imp pressed on a mission

Ambiguous - Doubtful/Uncertain/Having more than one interpretation

I am big, you ass but I'm doubtful whether I'm bigger than you!!!

Silhouette: Take the 's' (for shadow) out of the word 'house'.

Surface-The surface of your face is sooooo smooth. Sir has a orrible face Ace at surfing

Photogram - A gram of photographs makes a photogram. (DE) A the weight  value of a photo made without camera is worth a gram…photogram(DE)

Non Subject Specific links :

Variety - A variety of rules and patterns arise the more I think of links for spelling.

Juxtaposition - A side-by-side position. Did the Jackster position himself next to Jill?

Banal - Ban all banal words

Straight/Straighten - I go home straight after school.

Significant - I sign if I can't remember my PIN.

Subtle - If we're subtle and sneak on an extra sub, then maybe we can win this game...

Ironic -I am ron but you can call me rick (DE)

Aesthetic - Appreciation of beauty or good taste. That is as pleasing on the eye as the tick of a grandfather clock is on the ear.

Deconstruct - de con struct(Struck ) a coin in motion (DE)

Obscure - obe –S has a cure

Ambient - Surrounding/Encircling/Creating a relaxing atmosphere.'I can't stand all these people surrounding me, Dec.'...'Oh, don't be a namby, Ant. It's the price of fame.'

Decadent - Self-indulgent/Moral decay. This decade aint exactly a moral, upright one, is it!

Ephemeral - Lasting for a short time. If Emma always nags me, our relationship will be short-lived

Exaggerate - Now, that's hardly a dagger. Don't exaggerate!!!

Environment - There's pressure on men and women to create a green environment


Theatre - Going to the theatre is such a treat.

Perform – Will you be perfect, or manky? - OWN

Scene - Did you see that scene in the SCiENcE Fiction film?

Commitment - You need commitment to reach the summit of Everest.

Rehearse - Block your ears when these guys rehearse!

Facial - Do the CIA employ people with facial hair? It would save on the disguises.

Language - As u age, your grasp of the English language improves.

Character - Does my charwoman act like the Queen (ER) or what???

Natural - U R A natural.

Exaggerate - Now, that's hardly a dagger. Don't exaggerate!!!


Success - It's great 2 C success.

Courgette - Would you like courgettes with our burger?

Process - The process of learning Chess is dull.

Audience - Unfunny comedians die in front of an audience.

Pitch – Pitch makes you itch

Drama – I am a drama queen!

Celebrate - Chelsea are celebrating a lot, at the moment

Tidy - I'd tidy your room, if I were you.

Actor - An actor takes orders from a director.

Shoe - Squeeze your toes in to your shoes.


Sincerely – I can now rely on my spelling since Linkalot.

Onomatopoeia – onomatopoeia is found in a poem.

Simile – It’s a happy face…a smile with two iis.

Persuasive – No one could persuade Su to spell her name the usual way...Sue.

Repetition - Very annoying repetit10n: When a teacher's pet says it 10 times.

Audience - Wow! That new Audi car will attract an audience

Remember – Remember the member of the team.

Independent - The Independent hasn't made a dent in the Times’ profits.

Scene - Did you see that scene in the SCiENcE Fiction film?

Poet  -  Po and ET joined forces to fight crime against spelling.


Other Words

Queue – que ue is twice as long as U expect it to be.

Where, wear – Where? Here! I wear earrings.

Your, you’re  - Just say to yourself before writing one of these two words down: Is it 'You are' or 'U R' ?

there, they’re - Their: The 'i' is a person. There: The 'r' is a signpost.

witch, which - Which white line, ossifer.....hic?

Original creations from the English Dept. highlighted in green. © English Dept.


Temperature - Temperatures are rising in the modern era...

Environmental - Ron is mental about the environment (KTC copyright)

Arctic – It is cold in the middle of the Arctic (KTC copyright)

Relief - I before e except after c

Weather - We eat outside in nice weather.

Business - I catch the bus into my place of business.

Development -  The Prime Minster (pm) is in charge of the development of this country.


Communism - The community is great

Soldier - Soldiers die in battle

Medieval - Many people did die a gory death in medieval times

Labour - Our gran always votes Labour

Marriage - when I marry, I age

Guilty - People gulp if they are guilty                 

Parliament - I am in Parliament

Government - who does govern government

Business - bus in essex

Assassination - on 2 asses (ass + ass) like you could botch up the situation

Generic words   

Believe - Never believe a lie                 

Their / There - Their is a person (drawn where the i is) There is a signpost (drawn where the r is)

Because - Why does a case have a handle, be ca u se you need to be able to carry it

Experience - An expert is experienced

Completely - Your tel no. has gone completely out of my head                 

Necessary - 1 collar, 2 sleeves


he is good at mathematics i'm off for t...y?

Cylinder - A Cylinder is curvy

Sphere - Up here, in Space, the earth looks like a sphere

Pyramid - A Pyramid is Pointy (made by Nithu)

Straight - I go home straight after school.

Similar - The i and the i are similar...identical, in fact.

Perimeter - Perimeter

Questionnaire - Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire from n 2 n. (end to end)

Treasure, Pleasure & Measure - Discovering treasure is a sure pleasure which you can't measure

Memory Aids

The way to prime number heaven is remember 2, 3, 5, 7, not 9, 11

Products....or should that be 'ProduX

Mean because it’s the hardest to calculate

Range – mountain range difference from lowest to highest

Mode = most

MEdiAN is in the middle of MEAN

Bar chart is the sound a sheep makes. Pi chart is what the sheep eats

Destination: Distance Equals Speed x Time.

Sing this rhyme:Pi R Squared sounds like area to me, If I need a circumference, I'll just use Pi D.

(To the tune of you are my destiny by Lionel Richie)
"You are my density, you are my mass by volume"

Here's one to pop goes the weasel...

Half the sum of the parallel sides,
Times the distance between 'em
That's how we calculate
The area of a trapezium


A capella - Unaccompanied/No Instruments - When Fabio Capello was England  football manager, he tended to work on his own due to the language barrier.

Staccato - Briefly/Detached - If you stick a toe in the waters of the Arctic, be brief otherwise it may detach!

Legato – Smoothly - Smooth the chocolate icing on Le Gateau please. Mmmm...

Guitar - Check out my u-shaped guitar...

Xylophone - X & Y together make a Z sound....XYZ!

Forte – Strong - Ryan Giggs is approaching forty and still going strong.

Piano – softly- Only a softy plays a piano.

Pitch - Pitch makes me itch

Orchestra - To play in the brass section of the orchestra, you need to have a big chest to store those mighty lungs.

Rhythm - Rhythm helps your two hips move

Accord - In agreement/Harmony.

A chord on the piano is a lovely harmony.

Commonly misspelt words

Definite/Definitely - 'Are you DEFinitE that, in the sequence 'DEF', you will find in it an 'E'?' 'Definite'ly.

Separate - Never separate a para from his parachute.

Commitment - You need commitment to reach the summit of Everest.

Their & There - Here and there.

Capital - Rome is the capital of Italy.

Vocabulary - Babies have a different, la, la, la...

Lyrics - Y R lyrics so important in a song?

Rhyme - Humpty Dumpty is a 'Nursery Rhyme' character.                 

Performance - The musician gave a PERFect PERFormance

Piece - Piece of Pie 

Our links   

Bass - The bass is a fish that swims in the deep blue sea

E – G – B – D- F (lines on a stave) - Every Good Boy Deserves Football           

Schumann - Schumann was a school music teacher


Reference - I prefer to take out a reference on someone before offering them a job.

Explain - I'll explain in a sec...

Business (it derives from the word 'Busy') - I caught a bus in Essex to my place of business.

Communicate/Communication - Advancements in communications, this millennium (MM), have gone bananas.

Modelling/Modelled - She ought to take up modelling with a pair of legs (ll) like that!!

Kinaesthetic - Next of kin is the categories associated with family being empathetic

Blog - Blog is a combination of the words “we-b” and “log”

Computer - The Queen (ER) now uses a computer!!!!

Technology - China (Chn) is leading the way in modern technology.

Designed  - A splendid sign'sign'ed by a genius.

Absolute/Absolutely -  Are you sold on this link?....Absolutely.

Safety - Health & safety

Terabyte Bytes - can be terrible

Common words - ICT

Answer - WE have an ansWEr.

Generally - All my family are off to 'D&A - The Gene Rally'.

Thorough/Thoroughly - Take a thOrOugh look with both your eyes (O O) when U go home, at nighttime.

Whether - Whether he likes it or not....

Through - Do U get home by driving thrOugh the tunnel (O)?

General - In general, a face has an eye (e), nose (n) and another eye (e).

Suggest - A friend suggests my mother buys a lightweight buggy.

Occasion - It's great 2C you on this special occasion.

Assess/Assessment - In life, only an ass doesn't assess things.

Especially - You can rely on a SPECIAL agent, eSPECIALly one from the CIA

Muscle -'Mr Muscle' - cleaning detergent

Physical Education

Olympics - The London Olympics of 2012 are in a leap year

Competition - The teacher's pet always gets 10 out of 10 in the weekly competition

Assessment  - In life, only an ass doesn't assess things.

Official -  The CIA are an official organisation.

Physical  - You can win a trophy at Physical Education, Al.

Equipment - I use my gym equipment in the afternoon (PM).        

Haemoglobin -  Go to hospital's (H) A&E and ask for the best medical officer (MO) if you're a goblin who has haemoglobin issues.

Education - Educat10n should start at 10am.

Accuracy  - I can tell you, with great accuracy, the 'CC' of any racy car.

Cannabis  - You can nab is brother if you want as he looks dodgy!!

Choreography -  Chore ography is such a chore.

Cigarette - Is a ‘cigar’ ette a cigar for females?

Circuit - The Formula 1 it is such a Circus

Flexible - You have to be flexible if you want to be able to play in a Premiership XI

Metatarsal - It all began when we met at Arsenal

The patella is the knee bone. Pat Ella on the knee

The fibular bone by the calf. You’re having a calf son, that’s such a fib

The tibia bone is on the shin. To be a soccer player you need shin pads

The pelvis is part of the hip bone. Elvis is hip. End of story

Referee - Referee’s only have one friend

Radius - Radiators keep us warm                 

Oxygen - Oxygen keeps you going.


Does  - Does Oliver eat seconds

Meant -  'The ITV boss put me and Ant together as it was meant to be.'says Dec.

BecauseBig Elephants Can Add Up Sums Easily   


Oesophagus - Does a throat 'ophave Gus choking up?

Obese - O be serious, you are a tad porky.

Health - Health & Safety

Coccyx (triangular bone at the base of your spine) - Driving a 5000cc car in Rallycross (x) is not good for your coccyx

Dissolve - This committee is so corrupt we need to dissolve it.

Equipment - I use my gym equipment in the afternoon (PM).

Apparatus - A rat is often part of the apparatus in a science laboratory

Camouflage - U flag us when you see the enemy.

Temperature - I am going to lose my temper if you spell it wrong again

Vertebrae – Back - Does Father Back prefer to pray farther back in the church 

Thermo – Temperature - You'd best stay in there Mo, it's blinking cold out here 

Ohm - Resistance (Electric) - There's always resistance at Ohm whenever I play 'Mr Blue Sky' by the Electric

Weather - Heather likes the weather hot


Accurate - Could you cc me as I want to make sure your email is accurate?

Brief - Brief means brisk.

Colour - What colour are your eyes? (olo are a pair of eyes and a nose and the u is a mouth)

Designed  - A splendid sign indeed

Measure  - Measure each amount to be sure

Quality - Muhammad Ali was quality.

Questionnaire - Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire from n 2 n. (end to end)

Plain - In plain English please....

Plane  - Planes land

Stain - It's a sin to stain the carpet.