We teach boys…..

……better than the rest!

As the new Executive Head Teacher and the new Head of College we are so very proud that Kemnal has once again delivered outstanding outcomes for boys, with over 74% of our students achieving at least a C grade in both English and Maths. We are delighted they have exam results that will provide them with a firm foundation for the future.
Despite the reported national decline as well as the increasing gap between boys and girls attainment, Kemnal boys achieved a phenomenal 83% A*-C in Maths compared to the national average of 61% for boys and 61% for both boys and girls. In English Language our boys achieved 75% A*-C grades compared to the national average for boys of 52% and 60% for boys and girls. As a College we are exceptionally proud of the excellent results achieved by our students and it has endorsed the fact that teachers at Kemnal know how to educate boys.
We ensure that all our students, irrespective of their abilities or backgrounds, follow a curriculum that enriches their lives. The College has continued to deliver extremely positive results across a wide range of subjects with above national results in sport, creative arts and information technologies. Our teachers are aware and fully understand what boys need to do to succeed and through the hard work and determination from students and staff alike it has paid off again this year!
This year we have also seen some exceptional outcomes from our mixed Sixth Form students which show that Kemnal can get the best out of all our students. We have significant improvements in our academic subjects and what can only be called outstanding results in vocational courses. Maths, Business, Product Design, Construction, PE, Science and ICT are our high flyers which has consequently secured our boys and girls in Sixth Form university places and apprenticeships.
With such a great benchmark for our next cohort of students, we will continue to build upon the excellent work that has already been done by creating a curriculum that is exciting and engaging, that develops individual talents and prepares boys for the future whilst ensuring they are happy and resilient citizens.
Results Day is such a defining moment for students; it is a life changer and our aim is that every student at KTC, from the time they start in Year 7 until they leave Sixth Form, be given an opportunity to achieve their dreams so they can make the most of their future.
Everyone at Kemnal has an impact on our success and we believe it is not just about delivering great teaching. Extra-curricular activities such as sporting fixtures, outdoor adventures, Drama and music productions and living the College’s ethos defines the child that joins in Year 7 to the young adult that leaves.
Our staff, governors, parents and volunteers all play a vital part with the common objective being a relentless determination to ensure that we deliver and do the very best we can for all of our students.
We know that success is not just from the hard work and commitment of an individual but it is truly reliant on a team ethos and we are celebrating that with the introduction of a new House system. It has been a great way to start the new academic year and we are all very excited about the opportunities for all of our students to work together on creative tasks, literary challenges, sporting and other competitive events, as well as the all-important pastoral support it will provide. It will promote our British values, celebrate diversity and encourage our students to challenge themselves by taking risks in a safe and caring community.
KTC and Cleeve Park School have recently merged their governing body to enable both schools to become stronger and work more closely together. We welcome the support of our new governors and extend our gratitude to our existing governors. We are sure that the good work and high standards already set will continue and look forward to tackling the challenges of educational reform by sharing good practice and working together.
This year, teaching is focused on exploring more active and engaging ways to motivate our students to instill a passion for learning so that they build their confidence and achieve their best performance in exams. We are facing harder content, more rigorous assessment and linear courses both in GCSE and A level exams. Our students need to be determined and ambitious and we expect our parents to challenge them at home as much as we do at College so we are embracing new technologies, expanding our online tools through ‘Show My Homework’ and also our new venture with ‘Google Education’.
We are so very proud of our success at Kemnal and this year our focus will be making us an even better school, with even greater achievements and that is what we offer, the chance and opportunity to ensure that all students have an educational journey filled with success and achievement…….be a part of that school.

Kemnal is a great place to work and learn and our students are simply brilliant!

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Jenni Tyler-Maher    Sarah Crawford
Executive Head Teacher   Head of College