Key Stage 5


We follow the AQA Religious Studies GCE Specification. All modules are 100% exam based.

Year 12 topics

Units 1 and 2 - Introduction to Religious Studies

AS Unit A - Religion and Ethics 1 (RSS01)


  • Utilitarianism
  • Situation Ethics
  • Religious teaching on the nature and value of human life
  • Abortion and Euthanasia

AS Unit D - Religion, Philosophy and Science (RSS04)


  • Miracles
  • Creation
  • The Design Arguement
  • Quantum mechanics and a religious world view


Year 13 Topics

Unit 3 - 'Studies in Religion'

A2 Unit 3A - Religion and Ethics (RST3A)


  • Libertarianism, free will and determinism
  • Virtue Ethics

Unit 4 - 'Religion and Human Experience'

A2 Unit 4C - Ways of Moral Decision-Making (RST4C)


  • Medical research and medical developments


Useful Revision Websites

Already formed list of useful websites

Religious Studies Online - used for OCR but a good resource

Freewill & Determinism