Reporting Absence

My child is unwell - what to do?

Ask the question - "Does my son/daughter really need a day off school? Are they that unwell?"

Here at Kemnal we believe that every day counts and if your son/daughter was to have a day or more off school they will miss out on vital information and skills taught and learnt over the five period day.

If they truly are unwell and cannot be in school then:

  1. Telephone Main Reception - 020 8300 7112 (Press 1 - for reporting your child absent)
  2. Leave a message including your childs name, form group, reason for absence and if possible a return date

*It is advisable that if your son/daughter is absent from school for 3 or more days a Medical Note is supplied.

Medical Appointments

Wherever possible, all medical appointments need to be made outside of school hours.

Whole days absents will not be authorised for medical appointments.

*Appointment cards will need to be shown to the Attendance Officer in order to authorise a period of absence.
*If a Medical Note is unable to be obtained then you may give the school permission to speak to the GP on your behalf; no personal information will be released to the school, the GP will simply verify appointment times.


Following Government Guidelines, all family holdiays must be taken out of term time. If this is not possible they will be unauthorised and you may be issued with a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority. In exceptional cases a written application to the Headteacher can be made.