Science - Key Stage 4


GCSE science

Students follow the Edexcel programme of study. Students will complete either the double award or triple award syllabus.

Aims of the course
• To develop students’ understanding of the science around them that affects them in their everyday life.
• To develop students’ questioning, analytical and evaluative approach to scientific problems and issues.
• To develop students’ practical skills in science and an understanding of how science works.
• To encourage enthusiasm about science leading to continued study.

Access to more information about the courses can be found via the link below:

GCSE B1/B2/B3 Past Exam papers Revision

B1 Exam papers

B2 Exam papers

B3 Exam papers

GCSE Chemistry C2 Revision

C2 Spaced Learning Part 1

C2 Spaced Learning Part 2

C2 Spaced Learning Part 3

GCSE Revision - Triple Science Resources


Grade Descriptors

grade descriptors for Core Science and outlines everything they need to learn for C, B, A and A*.

Grade Display C1

Grade Display B1

Grade Display P1


Environmental Science

Environmental Science Revision Guide

This revision guide includes a checklist of what you need to know for the exam and the main revision notes that cover what you will need to learn.  Included within the guide are links to useful video clips.  You will also find useful information on BBC Bitesize as there is some overlap with Core Science GCSE.