Key Stage 4


At KTC all students will complete a GCSE in Religious Studies.  We follow WJEC Specification B as it covers a lot of different topics and provides a good basis for higher level study in RS or other Humanities/Social Sciences subjects.  It is 100% exam based so students will not complete coursework or controlled assessment.  Students will sit 2 exams at the end of Year 11 so it is vital that they learn exam skills and techniques and thoroughly revise in order to reach their potential.

The course is based on ethical issues and students will need to know the issues, how religious people would respond to them but also develop their own understanding and opinions.  When considering religious attitudes we will be focusing on Christianity and Islam.

Paper 1 – Religion and Life Issues

Students will cover the issues of:

  • Relationships – attitudes to sex, marriage, family and divorce
  • Is It Fair – attitudes to prejudice, discrimination, wealth and charity
  • Looking for Meaning – attitudes to God, life and death
  • Our World – attitudes to creation, animal rights and the environment.

Revision Booklet - Relationsips

Revision Booklet - Is It Fair - Another Version

Revision Booklet - Looking for Meaning

Revision Booklet - Our World

Paper 2 – Religion and Human Experience

Students will cover the issues of:

  • Religion and Conflict – attitudes to war, peace and suffering
  • Religion and Medicine – attitudes to medical ethics, abortion, euthanasia and IVF
  • Religious Expression – attitudes to pilgrimage, religious symbols and places of worship
  • Authority: Religion and State – attitudes to crime, authority and the death penalty

Religion and Conflict - Revision Booklet

Religion and Medicine - Revision Booklet

Religious Expression  - Revision Booklet

Authority:Religion and State - Revision Booklet

Year 10 Key Terms and Meanings - pdf files

Religion and Life Issues Revision Notes

Year 11 Key Words and Meanings

How to answer exam Questions

Year 11 Revision Crosswords 

Year 11 Revision Notes

Year 11 Mock exam revision materials October 2015