Key Stage 5


At KTC, we follow the AQA specification for A-level French and Spanish.  Click here for an overview of what you will be learning and how you are assessed:

AS and A2 Syllabus Overview - Click Here

Considering languages at A-level?

Languages at A-level offer you the fantastic opportunity to work towards becoming a linguist, but that's not all. Languages are a great subject to study alone but can also offer excellent opportunities alongside other subjects.

Languages can take you places!

French can take you to Africa, Spanish and Portuguese to South America, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Hindi can get you ahead in business, Russian could see you teaching in Siberia and Arabic could give you a head start in politics.

There are simply no limits to the possibilities open to you if you incorporate languages into your studies. We are on hand to ensure that you get all the support, information and encouragement available. You are most certainly not alone but becoming part of a fantastic and exciting world.

Don’t hesitate in asking for help and most of all ENJOY!

A-level French currently uses the Atouts text book: ATOUTS Text Book - Click Here

A-level Spanish currently uses the online Kerboodle personal learning and text book: