Key Stage 4


Year 10 + 11 Timeline



Yr 10

Yr 11

Topic: Intro; Rhythms of the World- Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East; Conventions of Pop- Rock Anthems

Topic: The Classical Concerto; AOS1 Composing & Performing for own Instrument; Baroque Chamber Music;  Film Music; Romantic Songs; Dance Music- Waltz

Topic:  The Concerto Through Time- The Baroque Concerto Grosso;  Film Music

Topic:  AOS1 cont- composition & performance; Creative Tasks; Romantic Songs; Great Choral Classics; Ensemble Performing;

Topic: Film Music; Rhythms of the World- Central and South America; The Concerto Through Time- The Baroque Solo Concerto;

Topic: Dance Music; Jazz;  Pop Music; African A Capella Singing;  Salsa, Tango, Bhangra; Indian Classical Music

Topic: Conventions of Pop- Pop Ballads; Rhythms of the World- Africa;

Topic: Gamelan; Programme Music;  Classical Concerto;  Film Music; Dance Music- Line Dance, Irish Jig & Reel;  Disco, Club Dance

Topic: The Concerto Through Time- The Classical Concerto; Rhythms of the World- India and Punjab

Topic: Completion of all outstanding work; Creative Task; listening prep

Topic: Conventions of Pop- Rock n Roll, Solo Artists from 1990

N/A: Study Leave


Assessment Timeline