Key Stage 3


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Key Stage 3 covers topics ranging from the Norman Conquest to the British Empire, from The End of Apartheid to British Social History.

Pupils should be aiming to develop skills including understanding cause and consequence, change and continuity, significance and interpretations of history.

This section of the website includes information to allow all pupils to increase their progress in history across KS3. For each topic studied there is a document with the overall question we are trying to answer, and information about what knowledge and skills pupils need to achieve a top grade. To allow them to practise these skills in their own time there are also suggested activities which can be done at home or during breaks in college. Pupils who regularly complete 'History ambassador' tasks will not only make excellent progress, but also be eligible for rewards such as extra trips and other prizes.These documents fit in with teacher assessment: your son will be guided to the tasks which develop the skills in which he needs most practise and they will also aid you in supporting him after reports and parent consultation days.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your son's teacher via email (addresses on the history homepage)

Enquiry Question Extra Resources
How do historians answer ‘why’ questions? Year 7 Unit 1 - Story
Was William guaranteed to win the Battle of Hastings? Year 7 Unit 1 - Exemplar
How much changed over the medieval period? Year 7 Unit 1
How can we compare the significance of medieval kings?  
Did the English achieve what they wanted by killing their king? Year 8 Unit 1
What were the consequences of WW1? What were the consequences of WW1?