Geography - Key Stage 3


We currently use the Geog. series and Key Geography to support the students' learning.  

During years 7, 8 and 9 the students will look at a variety of topics, from Football and Crime, to Global Industry and Environmental Studies. 

Project work has been a great success throughout all years. In year 7, students will complete a project based on the Geography of Football and Field Studies of the local area. In year 8, students conduct a rivers investigation, whereby students go down to the River Cray and take river velocity and profile measurements. The information they collect onsite is used to complete their projects. In year 9, students will go to the local conservation area and collect data on flora and fauna as well as investigating local and global issues of the day. 

During each half term, a mid-term assessment is conducted where the students will be required to write a small essay/report that involves some independent research.

KS3 National Curriculum Leve


Introduction to Geography
The human environment
The physical environment
The UK
Dangerous Earth
Where do we live?
What is the land like?
What are the people like?
How does our place look from the air and on a map?
What type of farming happens in the UK and why?
Where does our food come from?
What are food miles and how can we reduce them?
Where do we live and why
Why are settlement patterns different in MEDC's and LEDC's? How have settlements changed?
What types of industry are involved in football?
How is the whole world involved in football?
How can we make football fair?
What physical processes happen in and on Earth?
Why do people live in hazardous areas?
What methods can be used to protect ourselves from hazards? 
What physical processes are at work?
How do we manage the coastal environment?
How can we manage the coast sustainably?
Environmental Change
Understanding water
Environment studies
Sustainable Tourism
Life in a MEDC: Italy
Life in an LEDC: Kenya
What resources do we get from the Earth?
How are we changing the Earth?
What can we do to protect the environment?
What is Europe like?
What does the EU do?
Where do people go on holiday and why?
How can we make tourism sustainable?
What are Italy's physical characteristics?
What is life like in Italy?
How can Italy be more sustainable?
How does Italy compare to Kenya?
What are Kenya's physical characteristics?
What is life like in Kenya?
How can Kenya be more sustainable?
How does Kenya compare to Italy?
What is the weather like in the UK?
What weather processes are there? 
How do we predict and measure the weather?
What is the climate like in other places?
What physical processes are at work?
How do we manage the river environment?
How can we manage rivers sustainably?
Investigating people and places
Human Processes
The New MEDC's
Impossible Places
How is geography and crime connected?
How is crime affected by space?
How is the environment changed by crime?
What makes a 'place'?
How can places be 'impossible' or 'fantastic'?
How can we make places sustainable?
What is 'development' and how do we measure it?
What makes a country 'developed'?
How are work, migration, population and disease linked to development?
What do we mean by 'globalisation'?
How does globalisation change people and places?
How can we make globalisation fairer and sustainable?
What are Brazil's physical characteristics?
What is life like in different parts of Brazil?
How can Brazil be more sustainable?
How is Brazil changing?
What are China's physical characteristics?
What is life like in different parts of China?
How can China be more sustainable?
How is China changing?