Key Stage 5

AS and A2 Level English Literature

Exam board: Edexcel


AS/A2 specification from 2016:

Unit 1 Explorations of Prose and Poetry (examination)

AO1 Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression.

AO2 Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts.

AO3 Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received.

AO4 Explore connections across literary texts.

AO5 Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations.

Includes the study of Othello, A Streetcar Named Desire and a selection of Romantics poetry.

Unit 4 Coursework assessment
Includes the study of Catcher in the Rye, The Yellow Wallpaper and Maurice